5 Best house planner apps for making a 2D plan and 3D model

    While planning a house, there is a lot of curiosity that how the house will look when it is completed and if you shift to a new house, whether your existing furniture and accessories will fit in it or not, then for all this a 3D model of the house becomes necessary.

    So let us talk about some such mobile apps, with the help of which you can also view 3D model of your house apart from creating a floor plan and interior design.

    How can mobile apps help in planning a new home?

    There are total of 5 steps for house planning, whose architect demands different money according to each state.

    In which the first step is the house map or 2D plan, the second structural design in which the working design of the house's foundation, column, beam etc. is the third elevation in which the design of the house will be and how it will look. The fourth step is the 3D model and the fifth step estimation i.e. how much will be the total cost to build a house by adding material and labour charges.

    So it happens that people follow the first 2-3 steps because it is necessary but skip the remaining 2 steps because making a 3D model of the house is a bit costly and for this, the cost of 1 view can come up to Rs 4 to 6 thousand and for 1 view like only the front view of the house, you may have to pay so much money.

    Whereas we can do many of these tasks through mobile app and no special training is required for this. By the way, in order to make a map of your house, you need to have basic civil key knowledge such as the length of the beam or column and their distance etc.

    What are floor planner apps used for?

    In-floor planner apps, you can plan the interior of the house as well as prepare the floor plan of the house as well as view its 3D models. By the way, you can do this work by going to the website of all these apps in the browser of the computer and if you have a 2D plan of the house, then by making the same plan inside these apps, you can see its 3D view.

    5 Best Floor Plan Apps

    Easy to use and the best apps for creating 2D designs and 3D models are as follows:

    1. Floor Plan Creator

    Floor Plan Creator app
    Floor Plan Creator

    This app is number 2 in the Art & Design category in the Google Play Store, in which you can create unlimited new projects or floor plans and add many structures to it.

    In this app, you can adjust the length and thickness of the wall and find the area of any room or whole house by just clicking on the levels option. In this app, you get the facility to change the electrical board and interior of the house along with level marking in rooms etc.

    You can also share your project with friends and view it at any time by converting a 2D plan to a 3D model. Although everything is free in this app, you will have to spend some money to export the project and print it.

    2. Planner 5D - Home & Interior Design Creator

    Planner 5D app
    Planner 5D app

    This app is number 3 in the House & Home category in the Google Play Store, in which you can create unlimited projects and add floors to the plan. In this app also you can set the orientation of the wall and its length, width etc.

    The most important thing about this app is that apart from converting the project from 2D to a 3D model, you can also see it in Virtual Reality (VR). The interface and use of this app are very easy and you can also take new ideas from the project gallery given under it.

    3. Room Planner - Home Interior & Floorplan Design Design 3D

    Room Planner App
    Room Planner App

    This app is number 2 in the House & Home category in the Google Play Store and this app is very easy to use as well as attractive to look at. Under this, you can choose the design of different types of rooms and make 2D or 3D plans

    A variety of structures and accessories such as doors, windows, elevators, curtains, sofas have been given in this app in many details. Many structures and room designs have already been given inside it, which you can import and edit according to your choice.

    The option of find ideas has been given in the room planner app, in which you can get a lot of ideas to decorate and renovate the house. By the way, to edit the dimensions of these pre-made templates, you will have to take a paid subscription to this app.

    4. Home Design 3D

    Home Design 3D
    Home Design 3D

    In this app, you can do house planning by making measurements in a more accurate way. In the Home Design 3D app, you can also add tons of structures and view your designs in 3D.

    Under this app, you can set the length, width, thickness and texture of the wall, and you can add cars, plants, furniture etc. to the design of the house. Similarly, like other home planner apps, there is no option to create new projects for free and for this you will have to spend at least 30 rupees in the beginning.

    5. AutoCAD - DWG Viewer & Editor

    AutoCAD App
    AutoCAD App

    This is the most powerful app on this list which is the official mobile app of AutoCAD software. In this app, you can import and edit AutoCAD file directly from your laptop/computer.

    There are many selection tools inside it, through which you can prepare a 2D plan and elevation of your house. Yes, in this you will not get the option to switch from a 2D model to a 3D model but in this, you can create multiple plans in a single project.

    To use this app, you have to sign-up first, after which it will get 7 days free trial. After the passage of the same 7 days, you will have to buy the license of this app to use it further, which is quite expensive.


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