5 Best Induction Cooktops – Stove Top Buying Guide

Best Induction Cooktops
Best Induction Cooktops

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You can make food at home according to your mind and you can also control the ingredients put in it and for good health, it is also important that you do not eat too much in the hotels outside and eat it at home. We use gas stoves most for cooking at home and it is also convenient but nowadays people are also using induction stove in its support.

Induction stoves are small in size and run on electricity and heat the vessel directly with induction technology and also do not harm the environment. They have a cooking menu for cooking different types of food So that you can set the temperature according to that food and the food also cooks very quickly.

If you want to take an induction stove/cooktop, then we are telling you about the 5 best induction stoves available in the market which is powerful in features and quality and is the best product of your company in this category. You can also know the detailed information and price by clicking on the link given below.

1. Philips induction cooker hd4938 (Cooktop)

Philips induction cooker hd4938 (cooktop)
Philips induction cooker hd4938 (cooktop)

The great look, good build quality, a lot of features, and all that is in the Philips hd4938 makes it a great induction cooktop. Its black body has a white color border all around which looks very beautiful and has full touch function buttons inside its glass heat resistance ceramic glass plate.

It is a 2100 watt induction stove, in which you can choose the temperature for cooking between 80 and 270 degrees Celsius. It has 8 cooking menu according to Indian cuisine, in which the induction temperature for cooking is set to the temperature according to that dish. It is a premium induction cooktop and features such as a preset timer function, volt/unit display, child lock, heating pause, and manual control.


  • 2100 watts
  • Great look
  • Quick-cooking settings between 80 and 270 degrees Celsius
  • Voltage/unit display to show power consumption
  • Pause/Preset/Timer function button
  • Child lock


  • Slightly more expensive than other induction cooktops
  • It does not have anti skid technology

2. Havells insta cook ST-X induction cooktop

Havells insta cook ST-X induction cooktop
Havells insta cook ST-X induction cooktop (image source: Amazon.in)

The Indian company Havells has become a trusted brand and its ST-X induction cooktop is a product that caters to all quality standards. The coil winding of its induction is made of pure copper which heats the vessel very rapidly. This cooktop comes with a 2000 watt capacity with soft-touch buttons.

There are also 8 cooking menus with auto pan (utensil) detection and auto power-off features in this induction cooktop, which makes cooking easier. It comes with 2000 watts of power and everyone can easily use it due to its large size buttons and simple control. There is also a timer option for cooking, in which you can set a cooking time of up to 3 hours.


  • 2000 watt
  • Cooking temperature from 80 °C (keep warm) to 2000 °C
  • Auto Pan Detection and Auto Power Off
  • Micro Crystal Glass Plate
  • Up to 3 hours timer
  • 8 cooking menu


  • No volt/unit display
  • No pause and preset time option

3. Pigeon Rapido Anti-Skid Induction Cooktop

Pigeon Rapido anti-skid induction cooktop 2100 watt
Pigeon Rapido anti-skid induction cooktop 2100 watt

Pigeon's Rapido is an induction cooktop with a heavy duo and extra-wide surface that comes with an anti-skid ring so that the utensils kept on it during cooking are not slipping. You can place utensils up to 14 kg on top of it, which is only up to 8 kg in other cooktops, ie it is also suitable for slightly larger utensils.

It is a 2100 watt induction stove with a total of 8 cooking menus and also has an auto shut off feature, which protects it from electric overloads causing its equipment to deteriorate. This cooktop also has a child lock with functions like timer / preset, fun warm-up, and due to its extra-wide surface and antiskid technology, you can also keep large utensils in it.


  • 2100 Watt
  • Anti-skid ring
  • Heavy Duty Heat Resistance Ceramic Glass Plate
  • Auto shutoff
  • Timer/preset, child lock function
  • 8 cooking menus


  • A little heavier about 3.2 kg
  • No volt/unit display

4. Prestige induction PIC 3.1 v3 cooktop

Prestige induction pic 3.1 v3 cooktop
Prestige induction pic 3.1 v3 cooktop (image source: Prestige)

Innovative product induction PIC 3.1 v3 cooktop of TTK Prestige has many unique features such as automatic city counter, automatic voltage regulator, automatic fun warm function, dual heat sensor, anti-magnetic wall, high/low voltage protection, etc. Along with this, according to Indian recipes, it has 6 cooking menus and a separate dedicated function button for roti/chapati.

Its automatic city counter feature cooktop can count the whistle of the cooker and you can set the number of whistles to be set in the cooker. This is a 2000 watt induction stove which comes in dual tone color, in which red stripe is given in both the edges, which looks quite attractive. While this cooktop is especially suitable for villages where the voltage is very low or the fluctuation is very high.


  • 2000 watts
  • Automatic whistle counter
  • Automatic voltage regulator
  • Automatic keep-warm function
  • Dual heat sensor
  • Anti-magnetic wall
  • High/Low Voltage Protection


  • It does not have features like child lock and energy monitor
  • No pause button
  • Fewer cooking menus than other cooktops

5. Bajaj majesty induction cooker ICX 7 (Cooktop)

bajaj majesty induction cooker ICX 7 (Cooktop)
bajaj majesty induction cooker ICX 7 (Cooktop)

Bajaj's Majesty Induction Cooker ICX 7 is not only beautiful to look at but is also strong and durable. Its cooking top heat resistance ceramic glass panel does not crack due to overheating and its auto cut feature prevents it from deteriorating. It also has an auto shut-off features, in which the induction cooker automatically turns off if it does not detect any utensil for 1 minute.

It is a mere 1900 watt cooktop but still heats up to 270 degrees and also has a timer function with a power monitor button that can be used to see the power consumption by induction. It is a compact size induction stove with a total of 8 cooking menus and comes with a free cooking bowl and works easily between 130 volts to 260 volts A.C. current.


  • 1900 W
  • Cooking temperature from 70° C (keep warm) to 270° C
  • Auto Pan Detection and Auto Power Off
  • Voltage/unit display to show power consumption
  • Preset/Timer Function Button
  • 8 cooking menus


  • Not a pause function
  • Tact button is used in it, that is, it does not have a touch button.

How do induction cooktops work?

The first thing we need to know about the induction cooktop is how it works, inside it is a coil of copper wire which is below its cooking surface and when it is supplied with electricity, it generates electromagnetic fields and it reaches the induction compatible vessel placed in it by electromagnetic field induction, then it starts heating due to the presence of resistance

Since the energy reaches directly into the vessel, the efficiency of this technology is very good and heat does not go out like other mediums like gas. While Several studies done from time to time have concluded that cooking in induction cooktop is safe and does not have any bad effects on health. The food in it heats up more quickly than LPG gas and its cooking cost is also similar to LPG and it is also environment friendly.

Important things to keep in mind when buying an induction cooktop:

Now that we know how the induction cooktop works, let's talk about what we should take care of before buying it:

Induction Cooktop Power

The more power the induction stove has, the more it will heat the pot to a higher temperature and it is also necessary for quick cooking. Most people think that due to the high watt induction cooktop, it will also consume more power, so this is true, but the thing to note is that most of the cooking menus are set in low temperature and we use full temperature setting only when needed, so it is good to have more power when needed.

Auto switch off

This is a very common but very important feature because due to continuous cooking both the cooktop and utensils get very hot at times and if not taken care of, it can be so much that both utensils and appliances can melt. The auto cutoff features turn off the induction for some time when the pot and equipment are hotter than the set temperature and re-start the induction when the working temperature cools down.

Auto power off

Like auto cutoff, auto power-off is also an important feature, if there is no utensil on the cooking top, then this feature saves electricity and sometimes you forget to turn off the induction, then after a certain time the induction automatically turns off the heating of the utensil.

Voltage Regulation and High / Low Voltage Protection

In many areas, voltage fluctuation is a normal thing and in such a situation, if there is nothing for voltage protection in your induction, then there is an increased chance that the equipment inside it may go bad. Due to not having enough power for cooking in a low voltage situation, the food does not get cooked properly, the cooktops that have the features of voltage regulation heat the pot with the same amount of heat energy in low voltages.

Cooking temperature

This is also a point to note because for many dishes, the regulation of the cooking temperature is very important and for that the minimum and maximum temperature also matter as if many of us are frying the food, we would like that the vessel is hot then the maximum temperature should require more than 200° C, and the temperature will need to be around 70° C to keep the food continuously warm. A good cooktop has a minimum temperature of around 80° C and a maximum of around 270° C.

Potential weight of vessel and size of their floor

Sometimes we need large utensils for cooking due to having more members in the family, in such a situation both the maximum weight of the induction cooktop and the size of the floor is very important, even small utensils do not work in all the cooktops. By the way, in most cooktops, the maximum load capacity is about 8 kg and the size of the bottom of the pot is 12 to 20 cm. And if you want an induction cooktop of more than this, then there is also a heavy-duty cooktop that supports weights of up to 14 kg.

Anti-Skid Technology Cooking Top

Most induction cooktops have this problem that if there is a little water in the bottom of the vessel, then they start sliding from the cooking top and due to this, they have to face a lot of trouble while cooking, so anti-skid technology would be very useful and does not allow the pot to slip. By the way, this feature does not exist in all induction cooktops, so you should only refer to those cooktops that have this technology.

Pause/ Preset/ Timer/ Child Lock Features

These features do not always work, but when they are needed, the shortage of these features definitely fades. These features are definitely present in a good induction cooktop and anyway when you have to spend money then why not buy the feature-less stuff

What types of utensils are used in induction cooktops?

Any iron or steel utensil works well in the induction cooktop and also comes with separate non-stick utensils for induction in the market. While it does not work on copper, aluminum, non-ferrous metals, ceramics, and glass utensils.


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