5 best microwave ovens with full details

5 best microwave ovens
5 best microwave ovens

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Food not only makes the mind happy but also affects our entire body, Yet winter has arrived and it becomes very tough to stay away from eating delicious dishes and tasty food in this season. In the winter season, our daily habits and eating habits are affected and our food starts to get rich food and it has been seen that during the winter season the food intake of people increases slightly.

In this season people like dishes like hot pudding, shag and hot chocolate, while in cold weather, ghee keeps the body warm from inside, it helps to increase the taste of food and control weight. Homemade ghee and butter are very beneficial for health as it contains less amount of fat. Microwave ovens are the most important home appliance for all these, whether to heat cold food or to make many delicious dishes and snacks or to prepare ghee.

In the present time, the microwave oven is an important part of kitchen appliances as it saves your important time as well as includes your kitchen in a smart kitchen. To cook or heat delicious and healthy food in a short time. Microwave ovens are used. There are three types of microwave ovens available in the market, in which Solo Grill and Confection Microwave Oven are quite popular.

The 5 best microwave ovens are as follows :

If you are interested in buying a microwave oven, then today we are telling you about the 5 best microwave oven companies available in the market, which are also durable with excellent features and strong quality, all of which are the best selling branded microwaves in India Oven. For their detailed information and price, click on the link given below.

1. LG Charcoal Microwave Oven

LG Charcoal Microwave Oven 32 Liter
LG Charcoal Microwave Oven 32 Liter

Multinational electronic company LG Electronic is a top-rated company for its home appliances and the product quality of LG company is very strong and durable. If you are buying LG's microwave oven, then LG Charcoal Microwave Oven will be a great option, in which its most popular 32-litre capacity Charcoal Lighting Heater Convection Microwave Oven has Solo, Grill, and Convection three modes.

LG Microwave Oven cooks food many times faster than other ovens which save 50% time and 30% energy and it uses 88% less oil in the food which is very good for health. It uses smart cooking features such as grilling, reheating, defrosting, roasting, ‌ boiling and steaming, and due to all these great features, this microwave oven becomes a great tool for your kitchen.

Coming with its black floral print and black sed design, this microwave provides a great and smart look. Its body is made of strong ABS material, which has a hygenic stainless-steel cavity and has a dual-LED digital display in which you can see both the temperature and the recipe. This microwave also has 401 auto cook menu and 360-degree motorized rotisserie and its most special feature is the charcoal lighting heater.


  • Type- Microwave + Grill + Convection
  • 32-litre capacity
  • Charcoal Lighting Heater
  • Hygienic Ghee
  • Diet fry
  • 360⁰ Motorized Rotisserie
  • Deodorizer features
  • Glass Touch and Dialer Control
  • Intel Low Web Technology
  • Warranty - 1 year


  • Much more expensive than other convection microwaves.
  • Excessive power consumption.


2. IFB 30Sc4 30 Liter Convection Microwave Oven

IFB 30sc4 Convection Microwave Oven
IFB 30sc4 Convection Microwave Oven

India's popular and trusted consumer electronics and home appliances company IFB is one of the renowned companies for its electronic devices and home appliances. Talk about IFB company's microwave oven, the company's IFB 30Sc4 model is the top variant model which is bought in the highest quantity in India.

This microwave oven, which comes with a 30-litre capacity, is equipped with advanced features like standard menu, multistage cooking, quick-start. Talk about the speciality of the Convection Microwave Oven, then the Convection Microwave Oven is used to make all other dishes including barbecue. Any food needs a similar temperature to cook better, so a heating element fan has been used to circulate hot air in the Convection Microwave Oven which cooks the food uniformly.

IFB30Sc4 is a combination of grill microwave and conversion microwave. It has 8 cooking menu buttons, 10 function buttons and 4 navigation member touch buttons as well as 101 pre-set cooking menus. This microwave has a power consumption of up to 1250 watts in grill mode and up to 2200 watts in the conversion mode. The company has a 1-year warranty for the product in this microwave oven and a 3-year warranty for its magnetron.


  • Type- Microwave + Grill + Convection
  • Capacity - 30 L
  • Safety Features - Child Lock Safety, Malfunction Over.
  • Deodorizer features
  • Multi-Stage Cooking
  • Stainless-steel cavity
  • Touch control
  • Express cooking
  • Warranty - 1 year


  • Does not properly work in the voltage fluctuation

3. Whirlpool Magicook Elite 30 Liter Convection Microwave Oven

Whirlpool convection microwave oven 30L Magicook elite
Whirlpool convection microwave oven 30L Magicook elite

Whirlpool India Limited, a subsidiary of US home appliances company Whirlpool, is known in India for home appliances and kitchen appliances products, while the company's product quality and service are excellent. If you want to buy 30-litre Convection Microwave at a very affordable price then Whirlpool's 30-litre Magicook Elite Conventional Microwave Oven will be a great option for you.

Its cavity is made of stainless-steel and this microwave oven has 5 power levels and auto cook menu. This oven consumes up to 900 watts in microwave mode, 1400 in grill mode and up to 2500 in convection mode, while it has a pre heat function in which you can make cakes, bread and cookies. It has power and pause / stop buttons with 6 function buttons and 10 cooking menu buttons. It has a feather touch membrane button and it cooks food more than 50% faster, maintaining 45% more moisturization than air fire.


  • Type- Microwave + Grill + Convection
  • Capacity - 30 L
  • Child lock safety features
  • Preheat function
  • Forced air oven mode
  • stainless-steel cavity
  • Control - Feather Touch Members
  • 10 cooking menus
  • Warranty - 1 year


  • Cooking accessories do not come with a microwave

4. Godrej GMX 20SA2 20 Liter Solo Microwave Oven

Godrej microwave oven GMX20SA2
Godrej microwave oven GMX20SA2

India's conglomerate company Godrej is one of the trusted companies for its electronic devices and home appliances. The product quality of the company is very strong and durable and also available in the budget of the common people. All three types of Solo, Convection and Grill microwaves are available of Godrej Company in the market. But here we are telling you about the cheapest economical microwave of Godrej company which is 20 litre Solo microwave oven.

Talk about Solo Microwave Oven is the most basic and simple technology of microwave and it can be operated easily as the microwave oven is small. It is the cheapest microwave oven to be used except for basic features such as defrosting and heating food, except for baking and grilling. This microwave oven consumes 700 watts of power and has 6 different power levels with free-hit mode, contrast mode.

This microwave oven is suitable for a family of three to four members, using a simple control jog dial. The inside of this microwave has a powder-coated cavity which is made of the mechanical panel and has a simple black floral print on the front which gives a very sober look. It weighs just 9.8 kg, that making it easy to set anywhere.


  • Type- Microwave + Solo
  • 20-litre capacity
  • Power saving
  • Defrost mode
  • Powder Coated Cavity
  • Jog dial control
  • Plastic and stainless steel body
  • Weight is just 9.8 kg
  • 1-year warranty


  • It does not have safety features like child lock
  • It does not have baking and grilling features

5. Samsung ms23k3513ak 23 liter solo microwave oven

Samsung microwave ms23k3513ak 23 L Solo
Samsung microwave ms23k3513ak 23 L Solo

The Solo Microwave Oven that comes with Samsung's 23-litre capacity is a very economical and cheapest microwave oven. Being a Solo Microwave, you cannot do baking and grilling in it, but you can easily use advanced features like reheating food, defrosting and cooking in it. If you have 3 to 4 members in your family then this microwave oven is suitable for you. This microwave has a defrost mode which brings the frozen food in the fridge to a normal condition very soon.

This microwave oven consumes power up to 1150 and its cavity is made of ceramic, which is rust and scratch resistance and is very easy to clean. It has features like defrost, autocook, soften and melts, and for deodorization, it has a dedicated button which when pressed presses the fan air inside it to eliminate the mess inside the microwave. is. For safety, it also has a child lock feature.


  • Type- Solo + Microwave
  • 23-litre capacity
  • Echo mode
  • Quick defrost
  • keep warm
  • Ceramic cavity
  • Deodorization feature
  • Control - Touch Control
  • Child lock safety


  • Higher power consumption than other Solo microwaves

Precautions for using microwave ovens

  • Use only microwave oven utensils in microwave ovens. Do not use metal and plastic as they are not suitable for microwave ovens.
  • Whenever taking food out from the microwave, always use gloves or else your hand may burn.
  • Before using the microwave oven, be sure to read the manual instructions given by the company and only then use the microwave.
  • Whenever there is a sudden fire in the microwave, then close its main switch with an insulated object and then inform the service provider. Do not remove the main switch from your hands in a hurry or else you may get an electric shock. It can also prove to be dangerous for you.
  • If your microwave oven goes to deteriorate, contact the service provider for this.

Important things to keep in mind while buying a microwave oven: -

Before purchasing a microwave oven, keep in mind the appropriate information:

Microwave capacity

When buying a microwave oven, pay special attention to the size of the microwave oven, choose the size of the microwave according to the family members. That is, if you have 2 to 4 members in your family, then a microwave of 18 to 20 litres size will be the best option for you, whereas, for a large family, a mid and high range microwave of 20 to 32 sizes will be required.

Choose the best company

Before buying a microwave oven, you should collect information about different brands of cell service available in the market, so that you can choose the microwave oven of a better company. Microwave ovens of such a great company are quite famous in the market like LG, IFB, Samsung, Whirlpool, Toshiba Godrej. Along with this, models like Solo, Grill, Convection, Charcoal of these companies will also be found in the market.

Control Panel and Automatic Sensor

It is much better to buy a microwave oven that comes with a touch control panel with a mechanical dial, in which the touch control panel is easier to use, nowadays all good microwaves have a touch control panel. Also, it is necessary to have an automatic sensor because the automatic sensor prevents food from burning and it also prevents the food from getting too hot. With the help of this, the nutrients in your food are not destroyed, it is very beneficial for your health.

Power rating

Before buying a microwave, you must first know the power rating of the microwave. A high power rating means that cooking will take less time but also excessive power consumption. Large-sized microwave ovens typically come with power ratings between 1000 W to 1600 W, while small-size microwaves offer low power configurations ranging from 800 W to 1000 W. Convection microwaves consume electricity from 2000 W to 2500 W. Before buying a microwave, you must know about the power consumption of the microwave so that it does not affect your budget and choose the microwave according to your budget.

Child safety lock

This is a very essential feature. One must pay attention when buying a microwave oven. The child safety lock system prevents accidents from microwave ovens. This protects you as well as your children and prevents accidental accidents.


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