5 lies of smartphone companies that will open your eyes

5 lies of smartphone companies that will make you angry
5 lies of smartphone companies that will make you angry

As soon as we get a new smartphone, its updated version comes only after a few months and in that new version, by changing the design a little bit and updating it in a very minimal way in its hardware and camera, in this way It is presented that now your old smartphone has become completely useless in front of that new phone and by doing this you are encouraged to buy a new smartphone. While many times companies also do false advertisement.

Fake advertising of their products by smartphone companies

Use iPhone in Realme narzo30 launch event (Image credit: Realme/YouTube)
Use iPhone in Realme narzo30 launch event (Image credit: Realme/YouTube)

Recently, Realme's flagship smartphone GT 5G was banned by Antutu for 3 months due to showing fake benchmark scores and in a launch event of his second smartphone Narzo 30A, the use of iPhone during the demo of the game has exposed the company's fake advertising.

Not only that one company did this, but also smartphone companies like Nokia, Samsung, Huawei and Apple make false advertisements and show their products exaggeratedly so that they can show their company's smartphones better than other companies and with which they can force people to buy their smartphones.

5 Things that Smartphone Companies Promote Wrongly

While there are a lot of things that companies hide from their customers, but we talk about the 5 main things about which the smartphone company often promotes falsely:

1. Smartphone camera

So the first among them come to the smartphone camera about which the most confusion is spread, companies show such photos at the time of the launch of the smartphone and promote those photos on TV that, As such, the camera of their smartphone is also better than DSLR.

they also show the camera of her 20-30 thousand smartphone is better than the camera of the iPhone or Pixel smartphone, but the truth is that most of it is a lie and this photos shown in the camera sample during publicity is clicked by a DSLR camera and it is taken by a professional photographer in a perfect environment so that it looks good.

The company does not show the RAW photos taken from the camera of its smartphone, but rather edit it with the help of heavy software and make it perfect by applying a lot of filters and then show it to us. At the same time, even if you bought that smartphone, it will take you years, but you will not be able to take a single photo.

Nokia Pureview faked ad
Nokia Pureview faked ad (Image credit: theverge.com)

By the way, this trend has started from the beginning in which advertisements of smartphones like Nokia Lumia 920 to Hawaii Nova 3, DSLR or any other smartphone's camera photos were promoted by telling these smartphones but in some way people caught it.

2. Smartphone Processor and its Capability

Now the second biggest lie is told about the smartphone's processor and its capability. So as soon as the new processor arrives in the market, almost all the companies launch their smartphone with it, but they highlight it so much that as before the processor was very slow and this latest processor will work at the speed of light.

But is it really that new processors are so fast, it is not that, but whatever new processor is launched, it is only a few milliseconds faster than the old processor, which we can not notice. Old processors can perform all the tasks very fast like new processors and you will not understand any difference whether playing a game or running an app.

Yes, this difference will definitely make sense when you compare a Snapdragon 600 Series with a 700 Series or a Snapdragon 700 Series with an 800 Series processor because their architecture is different. But if you compare between 2 or 3 generations in the same series such as Snapdragon 845, 855 or 865, then you will not be able to understand the difference on the basis of performance, no matter how much their bench mark difference.

3. Smartphone display

The third most inaccurate advertising item in the same smartphone is its display, which includes unknown technologies such as Retina Display, Super AMOLED, LCD, OLED etc. In this, by giving a notch in the centre or in the corner or by curving the display a bit, it is so hyped that with this display, this smartphone will look absolutely cool and if we look at it, we will see another world.

Although the display's PPI and technology like hdr10 or XDR make the quality of the display better, but the type of the display does not affect the picture quality much and not much at all for which you buy a completely new smartphone.

In order to make the display better, even companies show the display of the smartphone in a more colourful and curved shape in their advertisements. Xiaomi did the same in the advertisement of its smartphone some time ago, due to which that smartphone started to look like a different model.

4. Removing the headphone jack from the smartphone

The fourth lie of companies is to remove the headphone jack to make more space in the smartphone. In 2017, a company like Apple removed the headphone jack from its smartphone, saying that it would increase the space for equipment inside it, after which many more companies started doing so.

So what happens is that from the beginning all the companies have been providing earphones with smartphones and have connected their money with the MRP of the phone, but in order to earn more profit, the company thought not to give the ear phone but it was so Not only was he happy with this, he also removed the headphone jack from the smartphone in order to sell his wireless air birds and earphones, so that no other company's wired earphones could be installed in them.

What did companies give an excuse for that would save space, while after all these years, many flagship smartphones are coming with a 3.5mm jack and today they are already using much better and new technologies. Also, despite the headphone jack, many of these smartphones are also waterproof.

5. Smartphone out of stock in online flash sale

The fifth lie is about the smartphone being out of stock in flash sales. Have you ever known in sales that how many smartphone units were going to be sold in this sale? and how many of them were sold, not because this company will never tell you.

See if there is a small company and its product ends, then it makes sense, but the top brand smartphones are sold in flash sales, this company produces millions of smartphone units at a time, But so many smartphone units are sold in such flash sales not in minutes but in seconds. So know this is completely fraud and you are fooled.

This company does this to create hype of the product and forces you to wait for a long time by closing the site in a few seconds

All these things don't end

By the way, many such things like RAM, fast charger, system update, non-removal battery, the smartphone companies are tempting you to buy new smartphones only by entangling you in the number game.

By the way, if you are going from a cheap mid-range smartphone to a high-end smartphone and upgrading to it, then it is fine, because in it you will get a completely new experience, But if you already have a high-end flagship smartphone and a new model has come, then you should definitely avoid buying it.

Because even if you take 40-50 thousand and take a new mobile due to just one or two features, there will be no value add in your life, rather in a few days it will also become old. So as long as your old smartphone is working and all your work is being done in it, then it is sensible to work with it or else the smartphone company wants you to take their new phone every year so that their earnings will increase.


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