Antisweat finger sleeve or Gloves for PUBG players- Flydigi beehive touch sensitive Breathable Game Controller Finger Sleeve

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Gaming for a long time in mobile is not an easy task and involves a lot of touch on-screen with fingers. If your fingers dry or wet by sweat it affects the touch response of mobile. If you are a regular gamer and play a high graphic or shooting game then you often feel sweaty on your fingers causing your finger to slip on the mobile which spoils the fun of your game.

The Flydigy Beehive Antislip Sweatproof Finger Slaves is a good option to avoid all this hassle and comes with a very low price and which is made from carbon fibre. You can wear it like gloves or sleeves on your finger and when you are playing a game like PUBG or Fortnite it also solves the finger stickiness and sweating problem along with the problem of four major pain points of your finger.

Flydigi Beehive Sweat-proof sleaves features

Flydigi Beehive finger sleeves are made by Carbon fibre densely woven Nano-grade carbon fibre that is only 0.3 mm thick which is Refreshing and breathable and very sensitive and it made by 18-pin tight knitting, it means if you touch your screen you can make 120 contacts per square centimetres ( You can make 15 knittings by bare hands.

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This sleave is very strong and durable and made by memory material that can fit according to your finger and Even after stretching it comes in its original shape.

Many people that play PUBG like game use baby oil or power on their fingers to remove stickiness but Due to which the screen of the mobile is dirty while these finger sleaves are very less expensive and available on a budget. These Slaves or Gloves are not made for pro-players but for players who like to play the game comfortably. Flydigi Beehive Sleep-proof Sweat-proof sleaves price is approx 500 rupees which varies according to the time.


    • If easily available in the market , it’s very useful because many gamers use powder like ( ponds or navaratna cool talck ) for smooth control , so company feel misused their power & customer also.


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