Best gadgets for the couple that you gift in Valentines Day 2020

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A gift is a great way to strengthen your relationship with someone because it gives a good feel to both you and the person you are gifting. Through the gift, you can show your love to your partner and tell them about yourself and we are giving you details of some gadgets that you can give and get closer to your partner.

Bond Touch bracelets

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This is the best gadget gift for long-distance couples. When your partner bussy on work or stressed then you can send touch by this bracelets and light up colour by your choice. LDR bracelets that will allow you to send vibration that little buzz is a small reminder. Bond Touch bracelets vibration is a not like normal call or text vibration its a smoothing electronic touch that is designed to simulate a tactile sensation.

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Friendship Lamp

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Friendship lamp is a special way to connect your love once by turning on his/her lamp and changing the colour of the lamp. You can be tapping your lamp and your friend lamp turns on and it indicates that your loved one is thinking of you.

You can buy this lamp on pair at $188 on

Pillow Talk by Little Riot

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You can continuously talk, chat or video call to your love once and want to be connected all time but while sleeping you unable to feel connected to your partner. By the Pillow talk, you can hear your partner heartbeat by placing the speaker below the pillow. Pillow talk recognizes your heartbeat by the wearable band and sends it to your partner in real-time.

You can buy these gadget from at price of ₹13,532

CHKOKKO 5 Way 3.5 mm Jack Multi Headphone Audio Splitter Black

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If you have gone to hang out with your partner or friends and wish to watch a movie or listen to a song on mobile, then this gadget can be very useful for you. It can share audio by one device to up to five headphones by 3.5mm jack. This device basically has an audio splitter that No-loss sound quality connection is perfect for your audio device. Its price is just 245 rupees.

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Amazon Echo Show 8

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Amazon Echo Show 8 comes with 8inch full HD screen with built-in Alexa. You can send msg, make calls or control your smart home devices with the help of Alexa. This gadget is an amazing gift for your love once and they use this device as a digital photo frame and also watch movies or play videos and make video calls and also set alarms. You can gift by putting a lot of photos with you in it and Amazon Echo Show 8 will always remind your partner to your memory.

Its price is 8,999 rupees. Buy Now

Kindle e-book reader (10th gen)

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The most useful gift in this article is a Kindle ebook reader that is very useful if your partner likes to read and keep books. Kindle has a 6inch antiglare screen that are perfect to keep in bag and carry everywhere. Its screen is perfect for reading with laser-quality text and you can reads like real paper even in bright sunlight. Normally Tablet laptop or mobile screen has a glare and Shine but its antiglare paper display have no glare whereby no strain on eyes. You can also store audiobooks on this device and. Its price is 7,999 on amazon.

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Realme Buds Air

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Phone Call is most important for mutual communication and every partner talk a long time in a day But You don't feel completely free while holding a mobile while doing some work or using a wired earphone. Realme earbuds is a Bluetooth headset that fit in your ear comfortably and its 12mm Dynamic bass boost drivers with Dual Mic Noise cancellation for calls and  Up to 17 hours of total playback is make the perfect gift to your partner. These earbuds are cheaper in price relevant to other earbuds that available in the market like Apple earbuds(Approx 4 times cheaper) and Gives you and your partner the freedom to talk while doing something or working.

Its price is ₹ 3,899. Buy Now

House of Quirk Gadget Organizer Travel Bag

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Nowadays everyone has a lot of gadgets and their charger & cables, it is very difficult to handle them in a systematic way. House of Quirk Electronics Accessories Organizer Bag has a good choice to gift him or her to keep all your gadgets organized.

This bag is made from dual-layer waterproof fabric and shockproof material and has 10 buckets. You can easily manage your cables, tablet, power bank, mobile phone charger, laptop adapter and etc in this compact bag. Its price is 499 rs.

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