List of Games that appear on Google’s search results page

Games in google search
Games in google search

Google has always been providing many fun games on its search page, which do not require that game to be installed to play. Although we could play many such online games earlier by searching on Google or visiting any website, but after the closure of adobe flash player officially from 20 December 2020, such games also ended.

But still, you can find some Arcade games on google search which you can play at any time to overcome your boredom.

What is Google Games?

To make its search result page attractive, Google has been bringing many types of Easter eggs, jokes and games since the year 2000, which you can see by searching certain keywords.

Similarly, searching the name of the game that you can play at any time appears on the Google Games search results page. These games include classic arcade games that are free and were once quite popular.

Games that appear in google search results page

Many games come to Google from time to time in the form of its doodles and easter eggs. Which you can play by visiting Google's Doodles and Google Mirror's website. While there are still many such games that appear in Google's search results and are expected to be present in the future as well.

Some of the popular games that appear in Google's search results are as follows:

Pack-Man game in google search result
Pack-Man game in the google search result

Pac-man is one of the most popular arcade games of the 1980s in which the main character has 4 ghosts behind him which he has to avoid and eat all the dots inside the game.

To play this game, you have to go to Google and search Pac Man or Pac Man Doodle.


This game was inbuilt on almost all the computers that come with Microsoft Windows. This is a card game in which cards of the opposite colour have to be arranged in four rows in decreasing order and in this, all the hidden cards have to be uncovered. For this game, you have to search Google Solitaire.

Google tic tak toe
Google tic tak toe

We must have played this game at some time in our school or with friends. This is a simple paper pen game that requires you to have a sharp mind to play. You can play this game by going to Google and searching tic-tac-toe. Under this you get three difficulty levels Easy, Medium and Impossible mode and with this, you will also get the option of "Play against a friend".

Snake game
Snake game

This game used to come pre-installed in old Nokia handsets. The snake game that appears on the Google search results page is a bit colourful and it eats Apple. In the game, the snake grows bigger every time it eats an apple and has to be saved from hitting the wall around it.

Minesweeper Game in Google search
Minesweeper Game in Google search

According to their name, this is a mines game that requires both your skill and your luck. With good skill, you can guess the highest probability. But still, your luck will be needed. If you have a trick of this game such as some 1 numbers together, then there is often a possibility of bombs in its corner.

Animal Sounds
Animal Sounds

This Google Easter egg is best for introducing kids to the sounds of different animals. As soon as you search animal sounds on Google, you will get the option to listen to the sounds of 57 animals at present, including many birds and fishes and wild animals by playing them.

All these games come on Google's search result page and have been created by Google itself, so to enjoy these games, go to your browser and make sure that you are using Google search, Otherwise do not forget to go to its home page by searching Google first.

Know all the keywords that can be used to enjoy Google’s Easter Eggs

fun with google easter eggs
fun with google easter eggs

We always see Google search in the same format, in which only the logo of Google changes from time to time and the design of the rest of the search results always remains the same, But do you know that Google keeps on bringing many such animations and tricks for fun, which you can see and enjoy by typing certain words in its search results.

Google is the best search engine in the world and it shows almost accurate results for every one of your questions, but do you know that there are many such keywords, which are searched on Google, Google reaches another era or is turns upside down.

What are Google's Easter Eggs?

Since the year 2000, Google has been adding many types of ester eggs, April fool jokes and hoaxes to its platform and product services for the fun of the users. Since the year 2000, Google has been adding many types of ester eggs, April fool jokes and hoaxes to its platform and product services for the fun of the users.

Many Easter eggs are also hidden in Google's search results, which appear through animation, hidden message or any trick when you search for a particular keyword. These ester eggs are not only good for fun, but they also have many other tools that can come in handy, including tools like bubble level, metronome and meditate.

Google's Best Easter Eggs and Fun Tricks is Google's official easter eggs website known as Google mirror, which contains many of Google's fun tricks and games. Which you can also see by doing a direct search on Google in the way described in this article, these tricks still work.

Google I'm feeling lucky button
Google I'm feeling lucky button

To search these keywords directly, you have to go to the home page of Google where you will find the button of I'm feeling lucky. After typing the keyword, you have to search by clicking on this button. By the way, for this button in the mobile browser, you have to select the desktop mode by clicking on the 3 dots on the top right side of the Chrome browser.

Here are some Easter eggs under Google Mirror:

Google Gravity
Google Gravity

This Easter Egg makes all the keywords on the Google search page heavy due to gravity, which causes them to fall down. You can have fun by tossing them by clicking on Google and the rest of the letters.

Do a barrel roll
Do a barrel roll

As soon as you search it, the whole page of Google search starts spinning round and round. You can also write the number of turns in it like do a barrel roll 20 times/ 5.6 times/ twice/ 100 times/ 1000 times and the page will roll as a same number of times.

Google Askew
Google Askew

Askew means slant and Google's page tilts when you search for this keyword according to its name.

Google Zeng Rush
Google Zeng Rush

In this, many red and yellow coloured small Zeng rush collide with Google's search results and destroyed them. You can click on these Zeng rushes to prevent them from hitting the search results, but it is not easy to stop so many Zeng rushes.

Google let it snow
Google let it snow

In this Easter Egg, you can enjoy the snow rain on Google's search page. By searching Google let it snow, the entire search result is covered with snow, which you can melt by clicking on the defrost button.

Underwater Search
Underwater Search

This keyword will redirect you to the page of Google Mirror where Google search will be submerged in water. Google will be seen floating inside this water, due to which Google will appear upside down due to reflection and at the same time some fish will be seen in the water which will make you feel inside the sea.

Google Thanos
Google Thanos

Google's Easter Egg is very popular, just like in the Avenger movie scene, his villain Thanos makes half of the universe disappear with a pinch with the help of the infinity gauntlet, in the same way, by clicking on the gauntlet seen in it, Google's Search results start disappearing one by one.

Earlier this Easter Egg could be seen by doing a direct search, but Google has now eliminated it, so it can now be seen only by going to Google Mirror.

Google Zipper
Google Zipper

Imagine if Google is a bag and search results come out from inside it, then this Easter egg is exactly like that in which Google's search has a zip, which you can open and close.

Google Spring
Google Spring

This easter egg is great to play with Google in which Google turns into a spring that you can stretch and spread across the screen as you wish. In this, after creating Google Spring, it is pulled to become Gooooooooooooooogle.

Google turns upside down
Google turns upside down

Whether to turn Google or turn it upside down, this Easter Egg turns the Google search page around. All you have to do is search 'Google Turns Upside Down' and click on the 'I'm feeling lucky' button and then Google will start turning upside down. To enjoy this effect, again and again, you have to click on Google

Google search mirror
Google search mirror

Just as anything is written in the mirror always appears opposite, in the same way, Google's search result in this Easter Egg inverts the mirror image so that everything appears upside down. For this, you have to go directly to the search and type

Google terminal
Google terminal

In the 1980s, when the Internet was in its early stages if Google existed, then you can guess what it would have looked like from this Easter Egg. In Google Terminal, you can select some basic options and select the given 3 options: Bulletin Board System, Apple II, Commodore 64.

Google in 1998
Google in 1998

Do you know Google was started in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin and at that time the beta version was written in Google's page. While, If you also want to see Google's initial home page and search results, then this Easter Egg will take you to that time.

Google Sphere
Google Sphere

This third party Easter Egg of Google is great to see, in which all the words of the search page keep revolving around Google. According to its name, Google's page looks circular.

Bletchley Park
Bletchley Park

Bletchley Park was the secret home of the codebreakers of secret messaging in Britain during World War 2. You can directly search this Easter Egg on Google, in which the name of Bletchley Park appears to be changing towards the secret code.

Google friends easter eggs

American Situational Comedy Serial F.R.I.E.N.D.S was not only well liked all over the world but Google is also its fan. That's why he has made ester eggs in the name of the serial fictional character of its main cast and according to their quality or habit, which is quite fun.

Many Easter eggs are also hidden in Google's search result, which appear through animation, hidden message or any trick when you search for a particular keyword, and similarly Google's Easter eggs have the habit of six main characters of the Friends series. Which can be shown by searching their name on Google, which can be shown in the schema markup on the special icon made in the result.

The Easter Eggs of the 6 Main Characters of F.R.I.E.N.D.S are as follows, which you can see by searching directly on Google

Joey Tribbiani easter eggs
Joey Tribbiani easter eggs

Joey Tribbiani was a food-loving character in the F.R.I.E.N.D.S series, so Google Easter Eggs is also associated with it. Searching Joey Tribbiani in Google will result in an image of a pizza next to his name, which when clicked will cause a pop-up of many food items, which will be collected by a hand and at the same time the sound of 'Joey doesn't share food' will come.

Chandler Bing easter eggs
Chandler Bing easter eggs

Chandler Bing's character is that of a romantic novelist, and a Google search shows a sofa next to his name, which, when clicked, shows a duck and its duckling moving across the screen.

Monica Geller easter eggs
Monica Geller easter eggs

Monica Geller works as a chef within the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. series and took special care of cleanliness. There is a bucket full of soap next to their name in their Easter egg, which when clicked, brings out a sponge from that bucket and cleans their name and shines it.

Pheobe Buffey easter eggs
Pheobe Buffey easter eggs

Phoebe Buffay's character was a sweet-natured but odd guitar player. She was a child at heart and her songs were like that too. Their Easter egg has a guitar next to its name, which when clicked, starts walking a cat on the screen with the song Lonely Cat.

Rachel Green easter eggs
Rachel Green easter eggs

The character of Rachel Green is played by the famous actress Jennifer Aniston, in which she played a good and stylish girl. In this serial, her hairstyle was very much liked, which was adopted by many girls all over the world and especially in the UK. A dummy of his hairstyle has been made in front of his name, which on clicking will bring many photos of his famous hairstyle.

Ross Geller easter eggs
Ross Geller easter eggs

Ross Geller's character is known for his goofy but lovable demeanor and Similarly, their Easter egg is also very funny.

A search of Ross Geller on Google, like the sofa shown in the show, comes up next to his name, which when clicked causes the screen to tilt with the sound of a pivot. Repeated clicking on the sofa changes the angle of the screen with the sound of the pivot and on the fourth click on the sofa, the sofa breaks with the sound of 'Ok guys, I don't think it's going to Pivot anymore'

Google self explanatory easter eggs tools

While playing cricket, many of us often resort to some wrapper, piece of paper or card due to not having a coin nearby for the toss, which often leads to disputes at the beginning of the game. At the same time, it is not possible to play many such games like Ludo, Snake Ladder etc. if there is no dice nearby.

But you know that you can use many tools like calculator, coin flip, dice roll, surface level, spinner etc. in Google's search page by just searching some keywords on your mobile. For this, you do not need to install any app or go to any website.

Google Flip a Coin
Google Flip a Coin

Searching "flip a coin" on Google will show a coin in the search result with heads written on one side and tails on the other. For the toss, you have to click on 'Flip Again' on the bottom side of the coin, which will always rotate the coin and give 50-50 results.

Google Calculator
Google Calculator

Nowadays calculator app is available on all devices but do you know that calculator comes even after you search on Google. On searching Google in computer browser, the full-size calculator comes and in mobile browser comes numeric calculator which can be expanded by clicking on Fx button given below.

Google Roll a dice
Google Roll a dice

More than 44 such games around the world are played with the help of dice and including the popular games like Ludo, Pachisi in India, they require different sizes and numbers of dice.

You can search "Roll a dice" on Google, which will give you the option to roll the dice with different numbers on the screen by adding them together or you can also use a single dice if you want.

Google Spinner
Google Spinner

This Google tool is best for playing table spin games or number games with many people at once. In this spin table, you can add 2 to 20 numbers given on the top left-hand side. By the way, on searching often, the fidget spinner comes instead of the spin table, which you can select on the number in the top right option and come to the spin table.

Google Bubble level
Google Bubble level

This tool works only on mobile or tablet as it is necessary to have a gyroscope sensor in the device. You can find the level of any surface by searching the bubble level, which will help you to keep anything straight

Some other Easter Eggs from Google

There are many Easter eggs of Google, some of which are as follows:

I hope you have enjoyed knowing about these Easter Eggs and Tools from Google, if you have any questions in your mind, then definitely write in the comment box below. Your questions will definitely be answered, you can also visit my youtube channel techwisdom anurag to watch the videos of these easter eggs.

What is a paper phone and how does it reduce the habit of looking at the screen of our smartphone?

Paper Phone
Paper Phone

We can not stop ourselves from looking at the screen of the smartphone again and again and nowadays smartphones have become very important too. Because whether we have to make online payments or see the calendar, weather or location on the map or play a game, for all this we have to use our smartphone.

But if I say that this paper phone can do many things with your smartphone, and due to this the time of using your smartphone can be reduced, So this is definitely an interesting thing.

What is a paper phone?

Google has started an experiment project named Paper Phone to reduce the habit of increasing smartphone of people. Which is an open-source project and is available on Github.

Normal users can download the Paper Phone app from the Google Play Store on their smartphones and with the help of this, print out things like many apps, tasks, weather, contacts, maps and paper games of their need and fold them and keep them in their pockets.

If needed, you can do your work with the help of that foldable paper i.e. paper phone. Right now there are a total of 9 features under it, out of which some features are currently in the developing phase but in the future, it will be improved a lot and many more useful tasks will be added to it.

Why is the paper phone so useful?

Nowadays many people have started realizing that they have started spending too much time on the smartphone, due to which their health and life are getting affected. So those people who want to take a little break from the smartphone or want to reduce the time spent in the smartphone, then the paper phone app of such people is very useful.

This app is a small experiment whose purpose is to reduce the ill effects of technology a little. Through this app you can take printout of some important things and if necessary you can take help of that paper instead of smartphone.

Similarly, if you control the use of social media or chatting, you are really strict by reducing smartphone use, after which you will only use your smartphone for essential things like calls or emails.

How to use paper phone?

Paper phone app in playstore
Paper phone app in playstore

To use Paper Phone, you have to first go to the Google Play Store and download the Paper Phone app on your smartphone. After which you will have to sign up in the app with your Google account.

Paper phone app home
Paper phone app home

As soon as you connect to your Google account, the dashboard of the app will open in which you will see a total of 9 options which are as follows:

1. Map: In this, you can select the map of your current location or where you want to go from where you want to.

2. Contacts: In this, you can select up to 7 contact numbers from your contact list for print.

3. Calendar: Selecting this option will print Birthday, Family or Business Events and National Holidays saved in your Google Account under the Calendar heading on your paper phone.

4. Weather: In this option, you can print the weather condition of your present location or where you are going by editing it.

5. Tasks: If you have any task saved in your Google account then it will be printed on selecting this option and if you don't have any task in your Google account then you will get blank space under the Task heading in the print of paper phone In which you can write any new task with the help of a pen.

6. Notes: Under this option, some free space will be available under the Notes heading in your paper phone, in which you can write any notes with the help of a pen.

7. Photos: Under this option, you can choose and print a photo from your smartphone's gallery on your paper phone.

8. Contactless: This is a new feature which is going to be launched soon in India in which you can generate payment token through Google Pay and print it on paper and scan it in the shop.

9. Paper Apps: A total of 13 paper apps/games are provided under this which you can print any one of these for entertainment in free time, these paper apps have conversion chart, knots, Italian phrasebook, sign language, multiplication Table, Recipe, Origami Pigeon, Sudoku, Maze, Word of the Day, Anagram, Riddle and Typography.

After selecting the option of your choice from these options, click on the print below, after which you will get the option of Print from Phone and Create PDF, from which you can print your paper phone by selecting the option according to your convenience.

Paper phone app printout
Paper phone app printout

You will see the final printout like this which you can fold according to the instructions given in the app

So in this way you can prepare your paper phone and by using it, you can reduce the screen time of looking at your smartphone.

5 Best house planner apps for making a 2D plan and 3D model

While planning a house, there is a lot of curiosity that how the house will look when it is completed and if you shift to a new house, whether your existing furniture and accessories will fit in it or not, then for all this a 3D model of the house becomes necessary.

So let us talk about some such mobile apps, with the help of which you can also view 3D model of your house apart from creating a floor plan and interior design.

How can mobile apps help in planning a new home?

There are total of 5 steps for house planning, whose architect demands different money according to each state.

In which the first step is the house map or 2D plan, the second structural design in which the working design of the house's foundation, column, beam etc. is the third elevation in which the design of the house will be and how it will look. The fourth step is the 3D model and the fifth step estimation i.e. how much will be the total cost to build a house by adding material and labour charges.

So it happens that people follow the first 2-3 steps because it is necessary but skip the remaining 2 steps because making a 3D model of the house is a bit costly and for this, the cost of 1 view can come up to Rs 4 to 6 thousand and for 1 view like only the front view of the house, you may have to pay so much money.

Whereas we can do many of these tasks through mobile app and no special training is required for this. By the way, in order to make a map of your house, you need to have basic civil key knowledge such as the length of the beam or column and their distance etc.

What are floor planner apps used for?

In-floor planner apps, you can plan the interior of the house as well as prepare the floor plan of the house as well as view its 3D models. By the way, you can do this work by going to the website of all these apps in the browser of the computer and if you have a 2D plan of the house, then by making the same plan inside these apps, you can see its 3D view.

5 Best Floor Plan Apps

Easy to use and the best apps for creating 2D designs and 3D models are as follows:

1. Floor Plan Creator

Floor Plan Creator app
Floor Plan Creator

This app is number 2 in the Art & Design category in the Google Play Store, in which you can create unlimited new projects or floor plans and add many structures to it.

In this app, you can adjust the length and thickness of the wall and find the area of any room or whole house by just clicking on the levels option. In this app, you get the facility to change the electrical board and interior of the house along with level marking in rooms etc.

You can also share your project with friends and view it at any time by converting a 2D plan to a 3D model. Although everything is free in this app, you will have to spend some money to export the project and print it.

2. Planner 5D - Home & Interior Design Creator

Planner 5D app
Planner 5D app

This app is number 3 in the House & Home category in the Google Play Store, in which you can create unlimited projects and add floors to the plan. In this app also you can set the orientation of the wall and its length, width etc.

The most important thing about this app is that apart from converting the project from 2D to a 3D model, you can also see it in Virtual Reality (VR). The interface and use of this app are very easy and you can also take new ideas from the project gallery given under it.

3. Room Planner - Home Interior & Floorplan Design Design 3D

Room Planner App
Room Planner App

This app is number 2 in the House & Home category in the Google Play Store and this app is very easy to use as well as attractive to look at. Under this, you can choose the design of different types of rooms and make 2D or 3D plans

A variety of structures and accessories such as doors, windows, elevators, curtains, sofas have been given in this app in many details. Many structures and room designs have already been given inside it, which you can import and edit according to your choice.

The option of find ideas has been given in the room planner app, in which you can get a lot of ideas to decorate and renovate the house. By the way, to edit the dimensions of these pre-made templates, you will have to take a paid subscription to this app.

4. Home Design 3D

Home Design 3D
Home Design 3D

In this app, you can do house planning by making measurements in a more accurate way. In the Home Design 3D app, you can also add tons of structures and view your designs in 3D.

Under this app, you can set the length, width, thickness and texture of the wall, and you can add cars, plants, furniture etc. to the design of the house. Similarly, like other home planner apps, there is no option to create new projects for free and for this you will have to spend at least 30 rupees in the beginning.

5. AutoCAD - DWG Viewer & Editor

AutoCAD App
AutoCAD App

This is the most powerful app on this list which is the official mobile app of AutoCAD software. In this app, you can import and edit AutoCAD file directly from your laptop/computer.

There are many selection tools inside it, through which you can prepare a 2D plan and elevation of your house. Yes, in this you will not get the option to switch from a 2D model to a 3D model but in this, you can create multiple plans in a single project.

To use this app, you have to sign-up first, after which it will get 7 days free trial. After the passage of the same 7 days, you will have to buy the license of this app to use it further, which is quite expensive.

Get entry-level and work from home jobs with the help of the Google Kormo app

Every kind of job in Google Kormo App
Every kind of job in Google Kormo App

If you have ever done an online job search then you would know about job listing sites like, monster job, LinkedIn, indeed, but when someone is looking for basic jobs like an entry-level job like cook, delivery boy, driver, technician, machine operator, Hotel receptionist, call centre, scavenger or manual work, then he does not get any special help from these web sites.

Apart from this, the interface of these job listings sites is so complicated that it is very difficult for a person looking for an entry-level job to understand them. So Google has created its own job listing app korma for people looking for such a job.

The interface of Google Kormo is very simple, and it includes the vacancy of all the job listing sites that come up in Google's search results and a lot of fresh jobs listed in Google itself, which have been verified by Google itself.

What is Google Kormo?

Google kormo app
Google kormo app

Kormo is a Bengali word that means Karm or Karma, meaning that whatever job we do, we call it Kormo in Bengali and because of being a job listing site, Google named its app Kormo. Well, this app was first launched by Google in 2018 in our adjoining Bangladesh province of Bangladesh, which was later launched in Indonesia in 2019 and India in 2020.

This app currently allows you to search for jobs only in 12 big cities of India. But yes, maybe soon it will be popular and many cities will be added to it because Google has a lot of money and resources and continues to improve the quality and performance of its apps.

Features of Google Kormo App

Talking about the features of Google's Kormo app, it includes fresh jobs by verified employees, real-time tracking of job applications and their fast updates and easy interview scheduling and free digital resumes that you can keep with you, etc. are given.

Along with this, there are many new skill contacts for learning, including videos and articles. You can change and edit your biodata, profile, interest, language, preference etc. at any time in this app.

The best thing about Google Kormo is that people who speak local languages like Hindi, Marathi, Bangla, Gujarati, Tamil, Kannada can choose interviews and jobs in their language and can also apply for work from home jobs.

How to backup and print out your contact number and email id list?

Never lose your contact
Never lose your contact

This often happens to many people, if their mobile is damaged or lost and they take a new mobile and try to recover their old contact by putting Google account of their old mobile in it, then old contact recovery Occur but many of them disappear.

By the way, even if a normal person does not get the number of old people, it does not make any difference and by contacting other people here and there, they get the old contact number, but if you are a professional, businessman or in the corporate sector If you work, then losing the contact number of many people in your field can make you very upset.

How to save your contact list

Even after losing the phone, you can get your contact number, so it is recommended that you save all your numbers in your Google account instead of SIM or phone so that you can backup them online.

The same, you print all the numbers of your contact list and the details related to them and email id etc. and keep a hard copy so that even if you cannot access the internet, you still have a backup of an offline contact.

By the way, it is completely free of service and you can do this work from both your computer and mobile.

How to save your contact number on Google

First of all, you have to keep in mind that your contact number is always saved in your Google account instead of your SIM or phone.

Save contacts into google account
Save contacts into google account

Whenever you save a new contact number, always remember that your Google Account is selected instead of the phone on the top left side.

Google contacts in search results
Google contacts in search results

To see your contacts saved in your Google account, go to any browser and search Google contacts. Now click on the link in the search result.

Google contacts dashboard
Google contacts dashboard

As soon as you open the Google contacts link, you will see all the contact numbers saved in the ID that you have logged into the browser. If you want, you can change your Google Account by clicking on the top right side and clicking on the plus sign on the bottom, you can add a new contact.

To open the settings of your Google contact, click on the three horizontal lines on the top left side.

How to download your contact list from Google contacts?

As soon as you open the settings for Google Contacts, you will get the number of your contact number, frequently contacted contacts, merge & fix and labels option.

Print option in Google Contacts settings
Print option in Google Contacts settings

In the settings and at the bottom, you will get the option of print, by clicking, you can download your entire contact list in PDF version, which you can easily print. By the way, if you try to print your contact list from your mobile browser instead of your computer, only a few contacts will be printed.

Exporting contacts from Google contacts in CSV or vCard format
Exporting contacts from Google contacts in CSV or vCard format

By the way, by selecting the option of Export in Settings, you can download your contact list in CSV format of Google or Outlook or vCard format for ios device. This option will work in both computer and mobile browsers.

The CSV file opens in Microsoft Excel, which you can edit and print.

Managing your phone contacts with the help of Google contacts app

You can download the app named Google's contacts from PlayStore for managing your phone contacts and online backup.

Google contacts app in play store
Google contacts app in play store

Google's Contacts app is designed to manage smartphone contact with Google Pixel and stock Android, which can now be downloaded for free on any smartphone.

Google contacts app dashboard
Google contacts app dashboard

On opening the Google contacts app, the dashboard will look like the browser dashboard, in which you will get the option to change the Google account and save new contacts. For the Settings option, click on the 3 horizontal lines on the top left side.

Settings option in Google contacts app
Settings option in Google contacts app

As soon as you open the option of Google contacts app, you will see the option of settings at the bottom, which you click.

Google contacts app settings
Google contacts app settings

When you open the settings, you will see some options in which there is an option to restore contacts from Google account and block unknown/private numbers. You can upload and download your contact list in .vsf format to your Google account by the import-export option.

So by following the procedure mentioned above, you can save the contacts list on your phone online and take a printout of it. Along with this, you can also manage your contact numbers with the help of the Google Contacts app.

How to increase the font and display size of the smartphone?

Increase the Font & Display size of the Smartphone
Increase the Font & Display size of the Smartphone

We have become so used to using our smartphone that we can easily understand and read the tests, app icons or settings etc. written in it, but can everyone do it?

No, because still many people are not so comfortable with smartphones and cannot easily read the text written on them. Such people are especially elderly or parents, who had difficulty viewing the small text app icons of the smartphone and reading the news etc.

Make the smartphone convenient for your parents, grandparents or elders

When we buy any new smartphone, its default font, test and display size is very small, which we can easily see and understand, But most of the elderly have a lot of difficulties reading such small size tests and looking at the small icons.

Because of this, they cannot be comfortable with the smartphone and they like their old phone with its small keypad. But if you want your parents or grandparents to use the smartphone and that too use WhatsApp Twitter, Youtube etc. and keep updated with time, then you do not need to buy a special type of smartphone for this.

Rather you can enlarge the size of the font and text icons appearing in the display of any smartphone and make them viewable and readable so that they find it convenient to use the smartphone.

How to enlarge the display size of text and icons of a smartphone?

Although this setting is different in every smartphone, I show you this in a custom UI smartphone like Oppo Vivo, Samsung's One UI smartphone, and an old smartphone with stock Android, so that you will get an idea of how to do it in your smartphone.

Enlarge the font and display size of Oppo Vivo Realme Xiaomi etc. smartphones

Display & Brightness option in smartphone settings
Display & Brightness option in smartphone settings

In these smartphones, first, you go to the settings of the phone, in which you have to click on Display & Brightness.

Font option within display & brightness settings
Font option within display & brightness settings

Within the Display & Brightness settings, there will be a font option under which font size and display size will be given, both of which you will have to click and make settings.

Font size scale
Font size scale

Clicking on the font size option will have a size scale given on the bottom, which will be set to the default size. You can set this scale to Large or XL according to yourself.

Display size scale
Display size scale

Similarly, clicking on the display size option under the font, looking down, would have given a scale of display size, which would be set to the default size. You can also set this scale to large.

Under font, setting the font size and display size to the maximum, The text, icons and font inside the smartphone will all get bigger in size.

Enlarge the font and display size of samsung smartphones

In Samsung smartphones, it has been given the option of easy mode, by which you can enlarge the text, icon, etc. of the smartphone in size.

Display option in the settings of Samsung smartphones
Display option in the settings of Samsung smartphones

In a Samsung smartphone, you first go to Settings and click on the Display option.

Easy Mode under Display Settings
Easy Mode under Display Settings

Clicking on the display will show many options, you have to scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on 'easy mode'

Easy mode
Easy mode

Under 'Easy Mode' you will see a sliding button. As soon as you touch this button, its colour will turn green and your smartphone's screen items, home screen, icon size, keyboard and text size etc. will become bigger in size than before.

Enhancing the font and display size of old and stock Android smartphones

Accessibility option under Settings
Accessibility option under Settings

In smartphones with older versions of stock Android, this option comes under accessibility, so go to Settings and click on Accessibility.

Font size and display size option under Accessibility
Font size and display size option under Accessibility

On clicking accessibility, you will see the option of font size and display size. You have to set the font size to largest and display size to maximum.

In this way, you can make the smartphone comfortable for your parents' grandparents or all those who have problems seeing small text or icons and are unable to touch the small area of the smartphone, this setting of your smartphone Everything you see on the screen will look big.

5 lies of smartphone companies that will open your eyes

5 lies of smartphone companies that will make you angry
5 lies of smartphone companies that will make you angry

As soon as we get a new smartphone, its updated version comes only after a few months and in that new version, by changing the design a little bit and updating it in a very minimal way in its hardware and camera, in this way It is presented that now your old smartphone has become completely useless in front of that new phone and by doing this you are encouraged to buy a new smartphone. While many times companies also do false advertisement.

Fake advertising of their products by smartphone companies

Use iPhone in Realme narzo30 launch event (Image credit: Realme/YouTube)
Use iPhone in Realme narzo30 launch event (Image credit: Realme/YouTube)

Recently, Realme's flagship smartphone GT 5G was banned by Antutu for 3 months due to showing fake benchmark scores and in a launch event of his second smartphone Narzo 30A, the use of iPhone during the demo of the game has exposed the company's fake advertising.

Not only that one company did this, but also smartphone companies like Nokia, Samsung, Huawei and Apple make false advertisements and show their products exaggeratedly so that they can show their company's smartphones better than other companies and with which they can force people to buy their smartphones.

5 Things that Smartphone Companies Promote Wrongly

While there are a lot of things that companies hide from their customers, but we talk about the 5 main things about which the smartphone company often promotes falsely:

1. Smartphone camera

So the first among them come to the smartphone camera about which the most confusion is spread, companies show such photos at the time of the launch of the smartphone and promote those photos on TV that, As such, the camera of their smartphone is also better than DSLR.

they also show the camera of her 20-30 thousand smartphone is better than the camera of the iPhone or Pixel smartphone, but the truth is that most of it is a lie and this photos shown in the camera sample during publicity is clicked by a DSLR camera and it is taken by a professional photographer in a perfect environment so that it looks good.

The company does not show the RAW photos taken from the camera of its smartphone, but rather edit it with the help of heavy software and make it perfect by applying a lot of filters and then show it to us. At the same time, even if you bought that smartphone, it will take you years, but you will not be able to take a single photo.

Nokia Pureview faked ad
Nokia Pureview faked ad (Image credit:

By the way, this trend has started from the beginning in which advertisements of smartphones like Nokia Lumia 920 to Hawaii Nova 3, DSLR or any other smartphone's camera photos were promoted by telling these smartphones but in some way people caught it.

2. Smartphone Processor and its Capability

Now the second biggest lie is told about the smartphone's processor and its capability. So as soon as the new processor arrives in the market, almost all the companies launch their smartphone with it, but they highlight it so much that as before the processor was very slow and this latest processor will work at the speed of light.

But is it really that new processors are so fast, it is not that, but whatever new processor is launched, it is only a few milliseconds faster than the old processor, which we can not notice. Old processors can perform all the tasks very fast like new processors and you will not understand any difference whether playing a game or running an app.

Yes, this difference will definitely make sense when you compare a Snapdragon 600 Series with a 700 Series or a Snapdragon 700 Series with an 800 Series processor because their architecture is different. But if you compare between 2 or 3 generations in the same series such as Snapdragon 845, 855 or 865, then you will not be able to understand the difference on the basis of performance, no matter how much their bench mark difference.

3. Smartphone display

The third most inaccurate advertising item in the same smartphone is its display, which includes unknown technologies such as Retina Display, Super AMOLED, LCD, OLED etc. In this, by giving a notch in the centre or in the corner or by curving the display a bit, it is so hyped that with this display, this smartphone will look absolutely cool and if we look at it, we will see another world.

Although the display's PPI and technology like hdr10 or XDR make the quality of the display better, but the type of the display does not affect the picture quality much and not much at all for which you buy a completely new smartphone.

In order to make the display better, even companies show the display of the smartphone in a more colourful and curved shape in their advertisements. Xiaomi did the same in the advertisement of its smartphone some time ago, due to which that smartphone started to look like a different model.

4. Removing the headphone jack from the smartphone

The fourth lie of companies is to remove the headphone jack to make more space in the smartphone. In 2017, a company like Apple removed the headphone jack from its smartphone, saying that it would increase the space for equipment inside it, after which many more companies started doing so.

So what happens is that from the beginning all the companies have been providing earphones with smartphones and have connected their money with the MRP of the phone, but in order to earn more profit, the company thought not to give the ear phone but it was so Not only was he happy with this, he also removed the headphone jack from the smartphone in order to sell his wireless air birds and earphones, so that no other company's wired earphones could be installed in them.

What did companies give an excuse for that would save space, while after all these years, many flagship smartphones are coming with a 3.5mm jack and today they are already using much better and new technologies. Also, despite the headphone jack, many of these smartphones are also waterproof.

5. Smartphone out of stock in online flash sale

The fifth lie is about the smartphone being out of stock in flash sales. Have you ever known in sales that how many smartphone units were going to be sold in this sale? and how many of them were sold, not because this company will never tell you.

See if there is a small company and its product ends, then it makes sense, but the top brand smartphones are sold in flash sales, this company produces millions of smartphone units at a time, But so many smartphone units are sold in such flash sales not in minutes but in seconds. So know this is completely fraud and you are fooled.

This company does this to create hype of the product and forces you to wait for a long time by closing the site in a few seconds

All these things don't end

By the way, many such things like RAM, fast charger, system update, non-removal battery, the smartphone companies are tempting you to buy new smartphones only by entangling you in the number game.

By the way, if you are going from a cheap mid-range smartphone to a high-end smartphone and upgrading to it, then it is fine, because in it you will get a completely new experience, But if you already have a high-end flagship smartphone and a new model has come, then you should definitely avoid buying it.

Because even if you take 40-50 thousand and take a new mobile due to just one or two features, there will be no value add in your life, rather in a few days it will also become old. So as long as your old smartphone is working and all your work is being done in it, then it is sensible to work with it or else the smartphone company wants you to take their new phone every year so that their earnings will increase.

How to disable the power button on the lock screen of a smartphone?

The thief will not be able to switch off your smartphone.
The thief will not be able to switch off your smartphone.

If you lose your phone, you can easily locate it by going to Google Find My App or computer browser through the security option of your Google Account. But the biggest problem is when the mobile is stolen, the thief switches off and keeps it in his pocket as soon as he finds it, due to which your mobile is not locked.

So that no other person can switch off your smartphone, you should disable the power button of your smartphone on the lock screen, so that no one will be able to switch off your smartphone without opening the lock.

Advantages of disable the power button of the smartphone on the lock screen

I recount an incident that happened to me a few years ago, at that time I was travelling in the bus at night and the bus stopped for a while for breakfast in a hotel, so as soon as I had breakfast I getting back into the bus and Reached the seat, I realized that I do not have my smartphone in my pocket.

So without delay, I immediately stopped the bus and started looking for my phone and asked another person to call my phone and as soon as he called my number, my phone started ringing and I got my phone The ringtone began to be heard inside the bus.

Since my phone had a problem with the power button and it did not work properly, the thief was not able to switch off the phone immediately and I was able to find my phone. Yes, I do not believe in violence, so I did not beat the thief, but I got my smartphone due to a malfunction of the phone, so I was very happy.

How to disable the power button of your smartphone?

By the way, you do not have to deform your smartphone power button for this, you can do this by going to the settings of your smartphone so that if someone finds your smartphone, they cannot switch it off immediately and you got some time to find the smartphone.

By the way, this method is currently only for Android 10 and Android 11 users and this option will not be available in smartphones with earlier Android versions. So let's know how to do it:

Searching for the side key or power button in the smartphone settings
Searching for the side key or power button in the smartphone settings

First of all, you have to go to the settings of your smartphone and search for the power button or the side key. After that, going to that setting, in the function of the power button, you have to select the voice assistant instead of the power menu.

By the way, I show this process step by step for smartphones with stock Android and custom UI.

Disabling the power button in a stock Android smartphone

You can disable the power button in a smartphone-like Google Pixel, OnePlus, Nokia, Motorola, stock Android or similar UI stock smartphone like this:

Buttons & Gesture Options in Settings
Buttons & Gesture Options in Settings

  1. First, you go to your smartphone settings and click on buttons & gestures

Press and hold the power buttons
Press and hold the power buttons

2. Then click on 'Press and hold the power buttons'.

Select the function inside the 'Press and hold the power buttons' option.
Select the function inside the 'Press and hold the power buttons' option.

3. Now you will have the option to select the function, where you select the voice assistant instead of the power menu.

By doing this, pressing the power button of your smartphone will open the Google Assistant instead of the Power menu. To switch off or restart the mobile, you can go to the power option on the notification panel, but for this, you have to open the lock of your smartphone first.

Disable the power button in a smartphone with custom UI

Since every smartphone I have this setting is different, I will tell you the settings of one of the smartphones with custom UI, Samsung's One UI smartphone:

Advanced Feature Option in Samsung Smartphone Settings
Advanced Feature Option in Samsung Smartphone Settings

  1. First of all, you have to open the settings of the smartphone, in which, on coming down, you will see the option of advanced feature, which you can touch and open.

Option of 'side key' within advanced feature
Option of 'side key' within Advanced feature

2. Inside the advanced feature is the option of 'side key' at the top, you have to open it

Press and hold option
Press and hold option

3. Now you will see the option of press and hold in which you have to select wake Bixby instead of the power off menu.

In this way, the power menu option will be removed from the power button and instead it will open Bixby every time you press the power button, due to which you cannot switch off the smartphone from the power button.

Although this method is also not full proof, and the combination of the power and volume buttons can still switch the phone off, But yes it can definitely give you extra time in an emergency so that the chance of getting your mobile increases.

By the way, I give you a tip that is very useful, that always write an alternative number of your home on your lock screen by going to the lock screen settings so that anyone in accident or emergency condition can contact that number.

How to track the exact location of your loved once and family by using google maps?

Accurate family location via Google map
Accurate family location via Google map

You cannot see his location without anyone's permission and if you do it then it is wrong. But there are some situations in which you and your loved ones get a lot of benefit from knowing each other's location. For which you can send them your location yourself.

Telling your location to your family makes it even better when we are travelling and our family is concerned and calls us again and again and asks for our location.

Benefits of sharing a location with a family member or partner

Imagine if you go to an auto or bus stand to pick up a member of your household every day and you have to wait a lot, due to which you call repeatedly and ask for their location. So, why don't you send your location to each other, which will give you an accurate sense of the time, due to which you can also do your other work.

Although you can send your location to anyone on WhatsApp also, but the limit of live location on WhatsApp is just 8 hours and if it is longer, you have to send the location again, then the best way to do this is Google Map.

Google Map will send your real-time high accuracy location and you can send or view the location according to hours, days or until you stop it.

How to send location from google map

Sending location from Google Map is quite easy, for which you just have to follow a few steps, so let's know this process:

Google map on Plyastore
Google map on Plyastore

  1. First of all, you have to open Google app on your smartphone, which is inbuilt in all Android smartphones. Along with this, you can also turn on the location from the notification panel of your smartphone.

Profile section on google map
Profile section on google map

2. As soon as you open Google Map, your location will appear on the map. Now click on your profile on the top right of the screen in the map.

Google maps settings
Google maps settings

3. On clicking the profile section, you will see many options in front of you, out of which you have to open the location-sharing option.

location sharing page of google maps
location sharing page of google maps

4. Now you will have a location sharing page, in which you have to click on the share location button

Share your real-time location page
Share your real-time location page

5. On clicking on the share location, you will see the page of share your real-time location, in which you will first have to set the period for sending the location. You can set the time from 1 hour to 3 days in it.

Until you turn this off option
Until you turn this off option

6. If you want your smartphone to always send your location, then you select 'Until you turn this off' and then click on 'More' on the bottom right.

share location to contact
share location to contact

7. Now select the name of whomever you want to share from your contact list and select it, just keep in mind that the contact number to which you will send your location is also linked to their Google account. By the way, you can also enter Google or Gmail ID directly, after that you have to click on the share button.

Refresh Location & Battery percentage
Refresh Location & Battery percentage

8. If someone sends you your location in this way, then you can also see the battery percentage of his smartphone. If there is some delay in the location, you can refresh it and find the real-time location. By the way, you can cancel it whenever you want.

By the way, this method is absolutely safe and if anyone has sent your location via Google map by your smartphone without your knowledge or you have forgotten to turn it off, then Google will keep sending you information from time to time by mailing it to you. With which you can turn off this location sharing feature whenever you want.

Find your lost smartphone with the help of a Google account and google find my device App

Find lost smartphone
Find lost smartphone

People care about their smartphones a lot, but still people sometimes make mistakes and they do not get them due to forgetting, getting lost, being in silent mode or stolen.

In such a situation, if you do not know the right way to find him, then people chuck up the sponge from their smartphone and some other person finds it and starts using it, there is a lot of chance that the person may misuse your personal photo, video etc. that is lying in your phone.

How to find your lost smartphone and delete its data?

If your smartphone is lost, you can immediately see the location of your device through your computer or the smartphone of an acquaintance and can ring in it even if it is in silent mode. Apart from this, if you want, you can delete all data of your smartphone and lock the smartphone.

Just for this, you should know the ID and password of the Google account running on your smartphone. By the way, you can do this by installing an app of Google on any smartphone, but I know how to do all of this first through a laptop or computer because the option to delete the data of the smartphone is only available on the laptop or computer.

Finding or deleting your smartphone data via laptop/computer

To find your smartphone in a laptop/computer, you just need to follow a few simple steps which are as follows:

Google account search result in browser
Google account search result in the browser

  1. First of all, you have to search Google account in the browser of the computer and after that, you will have to click only the result that comes in the name of Google account in the search result.

Go to google account
Go to google account

2. After this, you will see such an interface in which you will have to click on the 'Go to Google account'' written on the top right.

Sign in google account
Sign in google account

3. Now you will be asked to sign in to your Google account. In this, you enter the id password of your lost smartphone's Google account.

Note: If you are working on someone else's computer and another account is logged in, then it would be better to do all this process in the incognito window of the browser.

Google account security options
Google account security options

4. As soon as you sign in, your Google Account dashboard will open, in which you have to click on Security from the left side option. After clicking on security, you have to scroll to the bottom and come to 'Your Devices', where you will see the devices connected to your accounts.

At the bottom of 'Your devices' you have to click on "Find your lost device", after which you have to select your lost smartphone.

Google find my device dashboard
Google find my device dashboard

5. Such a dashboard will open as soon as you click on the name of your device, in which your device's battery and network information as well as the map on the screen will show the current location.

In it, on the left side, you will find three options, of which the first option is to ring in the device. On clicking this option, your device will start ringing, even if it is in silent mode.

Secure device
Secure device

The second option in this is of a secure device, in which you have the option to lock the device and insert a message and recovery phone number in the lock screen so that if an unknown person finds your smartphone then it cannot open it and he can contact you through the contact number given on the display of the smartphone.

While, its third option is 'erase device', in which you can delete all the contents and data of your phone. But keep in mind, after selecting this option, your device will also be signed out of your Google account, due to which you will not be able to locate it again.

Note: By doing 'erase device', only the internal storage of your mobile will be deleted, that is, if you have saved your photos, videos etc. on the external memory card, then it will not be deleted.

Finding your lost mobile through other smartphones

You can also do the above process by going to your smartphone's Chrome browser, only the option of 'Erase device' will not be there. By the way, Google has its own app for all this work and the advantage is that you can trace the location of your smartphone anytime on the go.

Google find my device
Google find my device

  1. For this, first you have to download the 'Google Find My Device' app from the Play Store on your smartphone.

Sign in to google find my device app
Sign in to google find my device app

2. On opening the Google Find My Device app, you will have the option of login, in which if you want to find your lost smartphone from someone else's mobile, then click on 'sign in as a guest' and log in by entering the id password of your lost smartphone's Google account.

Google find my device app dashboard

3. The dashboard of the app will open as soon as you sign in to the Google Find My Device app, in which the present location of your device will be visible. In this, you will get information about the battery percentage of the device, the name of the network operator running in it, its signal strength and the IMEI number of the smartphone, etc.

Apart from these, you will get two options in this app, the first option is Play Sound. Through this, you can ring in your smartphone, even if it is in silent mode.

सिक्योर डिवाइस
सिक्योर डिवाइस

Like the desktop, it also has the option of 'Secure Device', in which you can lock your mobile and leave any message and mobile number on its lock screen.

In this way, you can secure your data and find it by tracing it, but if your smartphone is lost or stolen, You can have complained to the police. So that if there is any misuse of your smartphone then the information about the disappearance of your mobile should be with the police beforehand.

All UFS memory versions details and how eUFS memory is better than other portable storage?

UFS & eUFS memory
UFS & eUFS memory

The main objective of UFS storage is to replace the SD card and eMMC storage in ultra-portable PCs, smartphones, tablets and embedded devices and to provide manifold higher data transfer speeds, more storage and security.

Along with this, the battery of the device has to be saved by reducing the power consumed by the memory. By the way, what is UFS memory and how is it better than other portable storage, so let's know it.

What is managed memory and how is it used in portable devices?

UFS, MMC and SD cards are a kind of managed memory, that is, you can save or delete any particular data from these memories such as a picture, but if we delete one of the particular data from unmanaged memory then the entire Memory is formatted.

So just as hard drives and solid-state drives in computers and laptops called HDD and SDD in short and it is managed permanent memory, similarly UFS, MMC and SD memory come for smartphones, smartwatches etc.

The same non-volatile memory, such as UFS and MMC, is embedded inside the gadgets, soldered into its circuit, making it act like a ROM in the device and is embedded in the circuit board of the device, The name changes from UFS and MMC to eUFS and eMMC.

MMC memory usage

MMC memory
MMC memory (Image source:

MMC, ie multimedia card, was unveiled in 1997, which is still used in cameras in external solid-state storage rooms and most computers have a port for this.

It is still used as a ROM in the embedded form in cheap smartphones and gadgets, in which eMMC storage is used in smartphones coming with Snapdragon 400 and 600 series, Snapdragon 810, 820 and most of MediaTek processors.

Features of eMMC memory

The eMMC works on a half-duplex protocol, meaning that it can have only one operation at a time and cannot have read and write simultaneously, and it operates in a single direction.

eMMC consumes up to 3.3 volts of power and can transfer data at a maximum speed of 250 mb/s read and 125 mb/s write speed, and it cannot have more than 11000 input/output operations in a second. All these specifications are of the latest eMMC 5.1 that launched in 2015.

Why UFS Memory Needed?

UFS technology was worked on to update the eMMC memory and to achieve higher data transfer speeds and IOPS capability, which works on full-duplex protocol and is capable of bi-directional operation, which makes it simultaneous Can perform read/write operations at the same time.

UFS memory technology is also used in two ways, the first as a memory card containing UFS version 1.0, 1.1 and 2.0 and the second embedded memory which is the eUFS version which contains 1.0, 1.1, 2.0, 2.1, 3.0 and its latest version 3.1.

By the way, before we know the version of UFS memory, we first get to know about Sequential and Random read/write speed and single bandwidth and dual bandwidth, because these terms will be used every time.

Sequential and Random Read/write Speed

Sequential Read/Write Speed is the speed of transferring a large file or folder from one place to another. Random read/write speed is the ability to handle the number of input/output operations inside the memory in 1 second and is used when installing or running a software or application.

Single lane bandwidth and dual lane bandwidth

Bandwidth is the maximum theoretical data transfer speed of memory, the same single-channel memory transfers data from only one data channel, while dual-channel memory transfers data through 2 channels. That is, if a memory transfers 64-bit data from one channel, it will transfer 128-bit data through 2 channels.

You can understand it in such a way that if you send your goods in 2 trucks instead of one truck, then you will be able to supply double the goods in one go. Similarly, double lane bandwidth will transfer data at twice the speed of single-lane bandwidth.

UFS Memory Versions

eUFS 3.1 (image source:
eUFS 3.1 (image source:

UFS memory is being used as embedded in portable gadgets, also known as eUFS and they have 6 versions so far, which are as follows:

UFS 1.0

So the first of these came in 2011 in eUFS 1.0, also known as UFS 1.0, and it came in 16, 32 and 64 GB storage options, with a sequential reading speed of 250 mb/s and writing speed of 75 mb/s had the same random reading speed up to 10000 IOPS and writing speed up to 2500 IOPS.

UFS 1.1

Just next year of UFS version 1.0, its updated version UFS 1.1 came with some improvements but both these versions are not used in any smartphone yet, it came with a single lane with a maximum bandwidth of 300 mb/s.

UFS 2.0

In 2013, UFS 2.0 was launched which was double lane memory with a single-lane bandwidth speed of 600 mb/s and double lane bandwidth speed of 1200 Mbps. Compared to UFS version 1.1, the addition of link bandwidth, security features extension and additional power-saving features were added.

It was first used commercially by Samsung in its Galaxy S6 smartphone in 2015. That is, this technology came just 6 years ago and there are continuous improvements in it.

UFS 2.1

Subsequently, in 2016, security was promoted in UFS version 2.0 itself and added inclined cryptographic operations, and introduced as UFS version 2.1 and UFS 2.1 is still used in most mid-range smartphones.

UFS 3.0

In 2018, USS Technology underwent major improvement with version 3.0 and its speed increased manifold. In UFS 3.0, the sequential read speed reached 2.1 Gb/s and write speed 410 mb/s, while its application and gaming handling reached a random read speed of 68000 IOPS and a random write speed of 63000 IOPS.

UFS 3.1

With a single lane bandwidth of 1450 mb/s, the bandwidth of both its lanes together was increased to 2.9 Gb/s, due to which the gaming performance of the gadgets became very good.

The latest version 3.1 of UFS came in the year 2020, in which the bandwidth and number of lane remained the same as its old version 3.0 but it added a right booster which increased its right speed.

Performance throttling notifications have also been added to this so that it informs the host about the performance decreasing in the event of over temperature, and in this version also the ideal mode has been added.

The maximum capacity of UFS storage is up to 16 TB and it consumes power between 0.2 volts to 0.4 volts, meaning that UFS storage is superior in comparison to eMMC storage in every respect.

Use of UFS memory in smartphones

Talking about the use of UFS memory in smartphones, UFS version 2.0 is compatible with the smartphones that come with Snapdragon 820, 821, kirin 950, 955 and Samsung's Exynos 7420 processors and have been implemented with them.

UFS 2.1 were implemented with Snapdragon processors ranging between 700 Series and Snapdragon 835 to 850, Kirin 960,970 and Exynos 9609, 9610, 9611, 9810 and 990 and MediaTek G90 processors.

In addition to the UFS version 3.0 Snapdragon 855 and 865 processors, processors with Exynos 9820/9825 and Kirin 990 have been implemented and are also supported by Snapdragon's older 835 and 845 processors.

"The first smartphones to come with UFS 3.0 were the OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro, and this smartphone was first launched with the Snapdragon 855."

Talking about the latest UFS 3.1, it has been implemented with Snapdragon 865 and 888 and will come with future processors.

UFS Flash Storage

Apart from eUFS, there are also UFS memory cards that Samsung announced in 2016 that support single bandwidth. The maximum bandwidth speed of UFS memory card versions 1.0 and 1.1 is 600 mb/s and the maximum bandwidth speed of version 2.0 that introduced in 2018 is 1.2 Gb/s.

The UFS memory card is not supported in the current smartphone, but maybe we will see it soon in Samsung's latest flagship smartphone.

How Esports is going to be treated like other popular games

Now children will play video games in school
Now children will play video games in school

Who does not like to play games in childhood and in that too there is a different world of video games, if children are allowed to play it, they will forget about it and will be engaged in it.

But do you know that the video game which was just the medium of our entertainment can now become a career and esports i.e. electronic sports is also included in the Asian Games to be held in 2022, in which the Electronic Sports Federation of India (ESFI) is also included.

Currently the state of Esports

Video games have become so developed today with the help of technology that we can compete in the game and enjoy the virtual world of video games from people all over the world sitting at our home, but now esport is globally Getting a sport status.

Esport tournaments are also being organized in big stadiums like cricket and football matches, where millions of spectators sit in the stadium and watch it online and on TV etc. There are also dedicated esport TV channels for esport in which only esport events are shown, and its pro-players earn in crores and the prize money of these tournaments is also in crores.

How much can you earn by becoming an esport player?

If you became a pro player then in 2020 some esport tournaments such as League of Legends and Fortnite had a prize money of 9 million dollars i.e. around 64 crores rupees and in the global event of Counter-Strike, then this prize money is $ 15 million i.e. approximately it was close to 110 crores rupees.

While, the top 10 teams participating in it also get good sponsors from which they get endorsement of crores of rupees.

Future of electronic sports (esports)

Esport has now become a million dollar industry and it is now being planned to be included in the Olympics to be held in Paris in 2024.

OCA - AESF Exclusive Partnership Agreement
OCA - AESF Exclusive Partnership Agreement

While the esports have been included in the Asian Games to be held in Guangzhou city of China in 2022, the Olympic Council of Asia is also a partner of which ESFI of India is also a member.

As of now, esport is getting the status of an official sport and its popularity is also increasing very fast and along with it there will be many more technical advancements in the future, so it will be promoted as a sport soon and with it It will also be included in extra circular activities in schools along with other sports.

That is, in future, children will also be taught to play video games in school and they will be trained for esport tournament.

Start of esport in India

While most people in India have done esport's first experience with pubg mobile and people also liked it a lot, Pubg has also organized many esport tournaments.

But even after the pub is banned, you have availabe a lot of multiplayer games like Free fire, call of duty, League of legends, Dota 2, Overwatch, valorent, Heros of storm, fortnight, Counter strike etc. which you can play And can participate in esport tournaments through these games.

Since esport tournaments are genrally played with the team itself, these tournaments are currently only involving multiplayer games, in which you can participate in these tournaments by forming a team with your friends.

By the way, apart from these tournaments, you can also create your own gaming channel on YouTube and YouTube gaming channels like Mortal and Dynamo in India are earning in millions and their net income has also reached crores.

So if you are also fond of games, then you too can make a career in it, yes, like the rest of the field, you will not get anything easily in it and you will have to work very hard but these efforts are very fun.

How digital health will revolutionize our future?

One person one medical record
One person one medical record

As of now, you must have known about two types of health care system, private health care and public health care system, but now digital health will also be common in the coming times. Since health is a very personalized matter and every individual person has different treatment according to him/her, in the future every person will be treated accurately with the help of digital health.

I am talking to you about digital health and how it will make healthcare better and how it will help in medical treatment in future.

How will digital health work?

Think if you go to the doctor and you tell him the ID of your medical history, then he will be able to see the entire medical history of you and your family on his computer and how is your daily activity, whether your heartbeat is normal or not When your body temperature is high, it will be able to see all the things.

He will know all the things that have happened to you in your medical history and what kind of medicine happened to you at that time and what kind of vaccine you got in your childhood. So it will be that with the help of this data, the doctor will catch your disease quickly and will be able to get the right treatment.

Since the medical history of any person is very important for its treatment and on the basis of this, different medicines can be made according to each individual human being, so that you will get healthy very quickly.

What is digital health?

Digital Health will provide you with personalized medicine and treatment with the help of Mobile Health, Health Information Technology, Telehealth, Telemedicine etc. by connecting your health, health care, living society etc. with digital technology.

In the future, Digital Health will work on the basis of One Person, One Health Record, in which each individual will have a separate record that will be linked to the National Health Care System and this data will also be used in clinical research so that for you The medicine can be made in an effective way.

So it happens that when your health is bad then you go to the doctor and the finished doctor does not know about your past medical records and body fluidity or immunity, so he writes a lot of tests and because of those tests According to the disease which the doctor understands, he gives you medicine.

The same drug affects every person in different ways and not all people have the same effect, this method also takes a lot of time and money.

What does one person one medical record mean

Right now we cannot even think about personalized medicine, so in the future, the adoption of digital health is being started in which a person will have a record from birth to death and will have complete data of his health.

In which, when he got vaccinated, when he became ill and what kind of medicine affected him, etc., he is not allergic to anything or whether there is any genetic disease in his family that he may have in the future, etc. Information will be in a digital record.

Under Digital Health, any hospital where you will get your treatment, that hospital will continue to enter your medical data and will update the treatment of the present patient therein. The same data will also be updated by your smartphone or worn smartwatch, and by how much you slept and how much exercise you have done, it will continue to feed you into your medical history.

All this process A.I. It will be best, due to which if there is some unusual activity in your body, such as being in constant stress, you will be monitored by detecting high pulse and you will be alert before you have a heart attack, so that If you become aware and can consult a doctor on time. Because your entire medical history will be in one place, the doctor will not take much time and according to you will start the personalized treatment.

How was the result of Digital Health Implementation Test

The introduction of digital health was seen in some places in Africa, where the child's health record was stored in one place and when the child was to be vaccinated, his parents were told by messaging and along with it Their sleep and BPM were continuously monitored through smart bands.

In case of any problem, his parents can consult the doctor through video call and get the right knowledge and the doctor can also give them the right prescription with the help of that health record. So, due to all these processes, the parents had reduced their headache and they had to reduce the clutter too, they also saved their money.

So like this, under digital health, you will be helped in exercising, getting good sleep and reducing stress etc. and a digital record will be kept of all your medical history, with the help of which personalized medicine will be made for you according to your immunity and body. According to this digital medical record, your medical treatment will also be done.

How the Internet of Things (iot) is going to make our future awesome

Our future is going to be so awesome
Our future is going to be so awesome

The Internet has connected all the people of the world, so through this, we can send many information files, photos and videos to other people sitting at home and can also do live conversions with them through video calls.

But the internet which was till now only for humans, now in future it will also be connected to our things and will improve our lifestyle further. We are talking about the Internet of Things (iot) and because of this how our future is going great.

How did the internet change our lives

It has been almost 26 years since the Internet came to our country and because of this our lifestyle communication and business has improved a lot, there are some bad effects like social media addition or over entertainment, but we all Except, we have become very smart due to the Internet and with the help of this, we can control some of our home appliances which are connected to the Internet.

I am talking about IoT ie Internet of Things in which many devices in your home will observe the situation itself and do the act of recording the situation and take your permission in those situations where it is a matter of your choice.

What does the Internet of Things (iot) do?

Suppose you have gone outside the house and you have forgotten to lock your house and at the same time forget to turn off the geyser, AC, light, TV etc. in the house, then your house itself will sens it that in your house No one is there and will turn everything off on its own and send notifications to your smartphone.


Whenever you need it, you will turn everything on again from the smartphone and will be able to open the lock of the house from your smartphone.

Now we come to another scenario in which if you are at home and you fall asleep watching TV, then your house will understand with the help of a smart band or camera worn by you and turn off the TV and the unnecessary lights glowing in the house Will also be closed. The temperature of your room will also be maintained according to you, due to which you will not have to reduce or increase the temperature of the AC after getting up from sleep.

Life Saving Benefits of the Internet of Things (iot)

Talk about life-saving benefits of iot, then suppose it is 3:00 in the night and your health is suddenly deteriorating and meanwhile, you have a heart attack and iot in your house, then your wearing smart band / Smart Watch, or with the help of any other sensor, your house will detect the unusual activity happening in your heartbeat and body and send all these details to the nearby hospital.

Along with this, with the help of iot, your home will alert the hospital on its own and will also send the news to your well-wishers, so that the hospitalists will send an ambulance to your home without delaying and it can save your life.

The same technology will be implemented in all the things in your house such as smart band, camera, etc. And if a thief enters your house or your car is accidentally hit or there is a fire in your house, then this device Being connected to iot, we will send the news to the police station, fire brigade, ambulance etc. and all these things will be connected to the server room of the area which will keep an eye on the unusual activity happening in the area.

Future of iot

iot technology has now started to grow and it is also very easy to implement, just all devices and home appliances will have an electronic chip and some sensors, with the help of which these devices will share the information and share the information with the rest of the equipment at home and will take action according to that situation.

By the way, many devices have been started implementing this smart technology such as smart refrigerators or air conditioners, and they themselves inform the company when there is leakage or shortage of gas in the compressor or upon the requirement of servicing and by which you are contacted for servicing the customer care of that company.

For this, you just have to connect these devices to your home WiFi and also connect to your smartphone, by which it diagnoses the problem by itself and tells you and you can control them from your mobile as well.

Due to the same internet-of-things, you will also have control over the rest of the house such as inverters, geysers, lights, fans etc. and all these things will work on your single gesture or voice. Because of this, our future is going to be very amazing and all these things will not be less than any superpower. These things will probably be very common in the coming 10-12 years.

Why do cookie content banners appear when we open a website?

Why Cookies Consent Banners Come In Website?
Why Cookies Consent Banners Come In Website?

Whenever you visit a new website, a popup of cookie content appears on many of the websites in which there is an option to accepting all or function only. And if we approve this notification, then what kind of data do those websites access, and is it that this kind of notification is a sign of an official website, then let us know it.

What are website cookies?

Cookies are very small data that are stored by a website on our computer or web browser of mobile etc. Cookies send the information we fill in the website or the page we visit along with the time we spend on that page, etc. to their website.

Website cookies
Website cookies

With the help of this information, the websites would like to guess your likes or dislikes and in that, you see the same things in which your interest has been.

Apart from this, you have logged into any website such as Facebook Twitter etc. and you reopen those websites in the same browser, you do not have to login again due to the cookies saved in your browser and until you log out Unless you do, it remains your ID login in that browser.

That is, through cookies, the website recognizes its user and along with its user behaviour, keeps knowledge of his device time, his language and country etc. so that he can give better-personalized experiences and ads to his user.

Is website cookies dangerous?

By the way, this cookie is not a virus or spyware and there are many laws that any website has to follow at the time of use of cookies and due to these laws, the option of cookie content comes and any website can use its cookie. What kind of data is being taken through it, you have to tell it in your privacy policy page.

What are the types of website cookies?

There are five types of browser cookies:

  • Session cookies
  • Temporary Cookies
  • Permanent Cookies
  • Flash cookies
  • Zombies cookies

Any website that uses a session cookie that is a temporary cookie, and a permanent cookie that saves login details, and third party cookies that are used for advertising.

Apart from these, the other 2 types of cookies are like malware which uses spammy websites and it uses generically pirated movies, pirated software or adult content websites, so this type of spammy website should be avoided.

Guidelines for the use of cookies by the website

Talking about Genuine Websites, we have a guideline for only government websites right now, but if any website misuses your data, then you can make it compliant. But the European Union and California of America take special care of the privacy of their citizens and have given their citizens rights to maintain their privacy So that they can decide what kind of data any website or company can store.

The people there can refuse to give their data and can force the website to be non-personalized experienced. If a website does not do so, then it can have a case there, even if it is in another country website and it will have to pay damages of 5 lakh euros, that is, about 4 crores 44 lakh rupees to the user.

Why do websites follow GDPR and CCPA guidelines?

To avoid penalties imposed by these websites, any website has to follow the GDPR of the European Union and the CCPA Guidelines of California and at these places, the users have to give their permission to show personalized ads or use cookies in their browser by the website.

Under this guideline, the website has to give the details of the data taken by its cookie and also to explain why they are taking this data and what they will use it and whether they will give it to any third party company or not.

"So the user can either accept it or deny it, due to which the website will not use cookies in that browser."

The website asks for the user's permission to use the cookie for the users of Europe and California, through the pop-up or banner of cookie content, but they cannot set this item only for European country or California because they do not know which country the user of their website will open their page.

That is why they implement this banner world wide and when we open any new website from India, we see these banners and we can also refuse to give our user data.

Why high-speed memory card required in high-resolution video recording?

Doesn't video clear in high resolution recording?
Doesn't video clear in high resolution recording?

Often you have seen your friends happy at some point that the 32GB memory card you bought for ₹ 650, they got the same company memory card for just ₹ 400. But whenever he shoots or plays a high resolution or 4K video using that memory card, the quality of that video is not correct and editing and processing of that video also takes time.

So let us now talk about Secure digital ie SD card and whether it also affects the video quality of your camera, so let us know this.

What is flash memory?

Flash memory is the memory that stores data inside itself and does not require any power source for it. So just as laptops and computers have hard disk drives and SSDs in internal memory and use pen drives as external flash memory, similarly mobiles also have an internal memory of SSDs and UFS type and micro SD card can be used as external or Use as flash memory.

By the way, one advantage of flash memory is that it keeps data stored without power supply and you can hide your photo, video or document somewhere in it.

What is the type of Micro SD memory?

Nowadays, this memory card comes in four types according to its storage, the first is Secure Digital SD memory and the second is high-quality SDHC memory which has a maximum capacity of 32GB. The third is the extended capacity ie SDXC memory card and the fourth is ultra capacitance ie SDUC, these two capacities start from 32GB.

SD card marking
SD card marking. image source: sandisk

Talking about the quality of the memory card, the memory cards are classified in three ways according to the technology used in it according to the speed of their data transfer, and these three types of speed class, UHS speed class and video speed is class.

Speed Class (SC)

The oldest in micro memory is the speed class, which comes by writing 2, 4, 6 or 10 inside the C letter in the memory card and it supports only standard video quality. Among these, the Class 8 type card supports HD video and Class 10 supports recording or playback of full HD video.

UHS Memory Card

A memory card of better type than SD class is ultra high speed ie UHS speed class and its identity is that U comes by writing 1 or 3 in which U1 type memory is compatible for full HD video and U3 type for 4k video.

Video Speed Class

The Video Speed Class is a new type of class, rated just above UHS memory version 5.0, and its mark comes in memory cards by writing V6, V10, V30, V60 and V90. It has V6 HD quality, V10 full HD quality, V30 4K and V60 and V90 compatible for recording 8K video.

speed of the memory card
No Copywrite infringement is intended.

Now talking about the speed of the memory card, the maximum speed of class 2, 4, 6 is 12.5 Mb/sec, while the maximum speed of class 10 memory is 25 Mb/sec and the maximum speed of UHS-I memory is 104 Mb/sec. Also, the maximum speed of UHS-II is 312 Mb/sec. The UHS-3 is characterized by video speed class, which also includes SDUC cards with a maximum speed of 985 Mb/sec.

What does memory card have to do with video quality?

We consider it such that when we turn on the camera for recording, the device streams the data according to the resolution and writes it to the memory card. So as we record full HD video, it will write data at 30 FPS at a speed of 10 mb/sec, which will be handled by memory cards up to class 6 or 8.

video speed class

But if we increase the megapixel or frame of the camera, then this speed rate will be 30 Mb/sec which is not suitable for handling this card at all. And the video that will be recorded and saved in these cards will lag and black spots will come in it and its quality will also get spoiled.

Similarly, on recording 4K video, the camera will stream data at a speed of about 50 mb/sec for which memory below UHS-1 is not sufficient and the same is for video playback. Apart from all this, the memory card also has application performance class A1 and A2 written, which shows how many input/output operations the memory card has the capacity to do at once.

Due to these specifications, the cost of memory card is fixed and due to higher fast speed, the cost of UHS and video class memory is higher as compared to class 10. By the way, where the quality of mobile cameras is getting better nowadays, we need a high-speed memory card in such a situation.

Apart from all this, UFS memory cards have also come into the market but as of now smartphones do not have their compatibility and currently, they can be installed in Samsung's notebook only.

Is a charger really consume electricity without charging the mobile?

How much will the bill be if I keep the charger switch on for the whole month?
How much will the bill be if I keep the charger switch on for the whole month?

We have often heard that if the charger is not used, always turn off its switch and save electricity, but you know that if the charger is not connected to the mobile and still its supply is on, then how much electricity will be consumed in a month?

So let's talk about how much power the charger will consume on standby and how much it will affect our pocket? But before that, we know how the charger works.

How does the charger work?

A mobile charger reduces the 220-volt AC supply of our house to one-and-a-half DC voltages by converting it to DC voltage, which charges our mobile batteries. Normally a mobile charger has 4 main components which are as follows:

  • Step down transformer
  • Rectifier
  • Filter
  • Battery charger controller chip

In which the step-down transformer brings the current to high voltage low voltage and the diode bridge rectifier circuit converts the AC current to DC current because the battery is always charged from DC current.

While there is a third component filter which has a capacitor that acts as a voltage regulator and the last one is the battery charge controller chip which monitors the Soc and Soh of the mobile battery and turns off the charging when the battery is fully charged.

Does the charger consume power even when it is not on mobile charging?

So now comes the question if the charger consumes power even when the mobile battery is not charged, then the answer is 'Yes' because the transformer used in the charger magnetizes its core even at no load, for whom it is Consumes a small amount of power and this is called iron loss.

This magnetizing current is in very tiny amounts, and a very minimal amount of power is consumed in connection to mobile or no-load key. This is only between 0.7% to 2% of the rated output power of the power charger, which depends on the quality of your charger.

By the way, your charger is branded and comes with the mobile, so it will not lose more than 0.7% and it will come with a battery charger controller which will disconnect your charger when your mobile battery is full.

Charger consumption at no load

We talk about how much it is 0.7%, so we take the 15 watt and 30-watt charger that comes in the market nowadays, so the 15-watt charger consumes 0.1-watt power when it is not connected to the mobile and 30-watt charger consumes 0.21 watts of power at no load.

The same thing comes, how much it will be in a month, then a 15-watt charger will consume about 73 watts of power continuously for a month without charging and in a similar situation, a 32-watt charger will consume about 152-watt power in a month.

How much will the bill be when the charger switch is always on?

If we keep the charger plugged on for a year, it will be less than 0.87 units in a 15-watt charger. In India, the price of 1 unit varies between ₹ 3 to ₹ 7, so accordingly you will have to pay rupees in 1 year, which will be a few pennies a month, which is negligible according to our monthly bill.

By the way, a 15-watt charger will charge your mobile for 3 hours daily, then its monthly cost will be around 1.35 units and the same cost will come for keeping the no-load pay charger on for 1.5 consecutive years.

This cost does not matter to you alone, but why does the government ask for the charger to be shut down if it is not used, because if the whole country turns on the charger even when it is not used in the same way, then it will be 2000 in a month Megawatts would be equivalent power, enough to power about 150 homes.

Is Satellite Internet will eliminate the compulsion of mobile towers in the future?

Is there no broadband in your area and net also runs slow in mobile?
Is there no broadband in your area and net also runs slow in mobile?

Are you also one of those people who despite using 4G is running at very slow internet speed due to poor network connectivity, then I am telling you about an option that will soon be available to everyone in the whole world. High speed in the corner will increase internet access.

I am talking about satellite internet, which is still being used by many people, but now there is going to be a huge update, due to which its coverage is in every area of the earth and its internet speed is also going to increase.

By the way, if you think what is special in this mobile tower is also connected to the satellite then why install a separate antenna for it at home, then let's first know how the mobile towers are connected to each other.

Are mobile towers directly connected to the satellite?

If you think that the mobile towers are connected to the satellite then it is wrong, BTS of each mobile tower i.e. Base Tower Station, the round umbrella in the tower called microwave is connected to BSC (Base Station Controller). All these BSCs are connected to the district's MSC (Mobile Switching Center) which controls the call and data of your mobile and all this signal is transferred by microwave antenna.

while we Talking about the international network connectivity, all the MSCs are connected to the international switching centre and these stations are connected through fibre optic cables, microwave or satellite. Broadband is also connected to these fibre optic cables.

Although the internet speed is very fast from this network, but its limit is that we get either connection through broadband cable or which is not possible everywhere or from mobile tower, which is about 80km in range but 4G. In or range is less than 10km, while in 5G it decreases further.

Satellite internet

In such a situation where broadband is not available and the mobile signal is also low, in such a situation we will soon have another option and that is satellite internet, in which you have to take a receiver like a dish antenna which is Will connect directly to the satellite, which you can connect to the wireless router and use like WiFi.

Currently, Bharti Airtel and Hughes India and Viasat etc companies are offering satellite internet. But right now their range and internet speed is not so good and at the present time, it is quite expensive too.

We are talking about Alon musk's company Space X, which has jumped into the field of satellite internet to raise funding for its marsh project and has started launching 4445 satellites under the name Starlink. Apart from this, Samsung and Amazon have also planned to launch an equal number of satellites.

How will satellites provide internet from space?

So where the normal Geo Synchronous satellite is located at an altitude of 3600 km from the Earth, the same Starlink will place these satellites at a height of just 550km in the lower earth orbit of the Earth ie Leo Orbit, which will improve its signal strength and from there to the satellite It will communicate with each other via a laser to reduce the weather interface in the signal.

It is being sent to these satellites with a Reusable Rocket which will be located in one place on its orbit and will match it with the speed of the earth and travel at the same speed and cover that particular area. Now because of so many satellites, it will cover every part of the earth and their connectivity will be present everywhere from ocean to mountains.

Although many countries do not approve of satellite internet like satellite phone due to security reason. Space X has applied for approval in India and if it is approved then we will be able to use it soon and maybe Its plans should also be cheap like Jio.

How much clear image can a satellite take from space?

is satellite See the time of the clock tied to our wrist from space
is satellite See the time of the clock tied to our wrist from space

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Do you know that there are about 2700 working satellites in our Earth's orbit now and this number is constantly increasing, when we see the stars moving in the night, it is not the soul that goes to heaven but it is the satellites that are always above us that Keeping an eye on us.

By the way, if the moving star is blinking then it is a plane because the satellite does not have its own light and it glows from the reflection of the sun and takes energy from the solar panel. What we are talking about in this article is the image capturing powers of Earth Observing Satellite and how much clear image can this satellite take from above on earth?

What is Earth Observing Satellite?

Although there are usually about 14 types of satellites such as astronomical, navigational or weather satellite, but we are talking about Earth Observing satellite which we also call remote sensing satellite, which is situated at an altitude of about 800 km from our earth and it can take the image of our Earth from space and till last year their number was about 446.

With the help of photographs taken from these Earth Observing Satellites, important tasks like covering agriculture, water resources, urban planning, rural development, mineral prospecting, environment, forestry, ocean resources and disaster management are done. With its help, a picture of the things on the earth appearing in Google map etc. is taken.

Now the question is how much clearer image this satellite can take from above, so let's first watch this video.

So the clearness of an image is from its resolution and in satellite there are five types of resolution which are spatial, spectral, temporal, radiometric and geometric resolution. So, first of all, let's talk about the five resolutions.

Spatial resolution

It tells the length of one side of a pixel in a satellite image, ie how large a pixel of the image covers an area, and the lower the image, the clearer the image will be. For example, if the spatial resolution of an image is 30 meters, then every pixel of it will represent an area up to 30 meters.

Similarly, an image of 10 meters spatial will represent 10 meters area and will be 3 times clearer than images with 30 meters spatial resolution.

Spectral resolution

The spectral resolution represents the wavelength interval size of the image and the higher the spectral resolution, the more colourful the image is. There are colours in the image according to how many bands exist in the spectral resolution. For example, only black and white colour in 1 band spectrum and RGB colour will be present in 3 band spectrum. Today's satellites can take images with 14 bands.

Temporal resolution

Temporal resolution shows how many time intervals a picture is taking of any given location, that is, the satellite makes a clear image by adding all those images repeatedly taking the image of any place in a span of few days.

Radiometric resolution

Radiometric resolution is the ability of a sensor to differentiate into different gray-scale values. It is measured in bits and refers to the ability of a satellite's system to record the brightness and contrast of several levels. With this, greater differences in reflections can be seen on land surfaces.

Geometric resolution

Geometric resolution How effectively any part of the earth can be represented in a single pixel of the image, also known as GSD.

Any earth observing satellite takes a clear image of any part of the earth with the help of these five resolutions.

Is satellite See the time of the clock tied to our wrist from space?

o know how small a satellite can take a clear image, the first thing is the spatial resolution of the satellite, so far it is the highest in GeoEye-1 satellite which comes with a special resolution of about 40 cm. While satellite can take images up to a ground resolution of 5 or 6 centimetres in a given time interval with the help of temporal resolution.

So now it comes to how much this interval is, then this interval is of several days until the satellite revolves around the earth in its orbit.

So now talking about what we can see in the resolution of 6 cm?

In this resolution, you can see from the car parked in front of the building, plant and house to the shoes of a man. But its spectral, radiometric or geometric resolution is so low that one can get a rough idea of the vehicle, but it is incomprehensible which model is there, and our shoes have a very blurred image.

So according to this, it is not possible to see whether you have worn the watch in your hand in the satellite image, then how much time is there in it will not be visible from the satellite at all, yes with the help of new technology in future It is possible.

By the way, if you have ever cultivated cannabis in your garden or roof, with the help of old photos of the satellite, the police can surely arrest you because this image remains in store for many years.


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