Bose frames audio sunglasses that make you feel like tony stark – Specification and Price

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You must have seen in the movies how Tony Stark creates a 3D image in his glasses without wearing an Ironman suit and uses it like a screen which looks quite cool in the movie. Technology in the future will not only be limited to mobile or smartwatches, but there will be many gadgets that we can wear and such gadgets have glasses.

A few years ago Google introduced one such wearable glasses in which optical head mount display was given, which along with smart screen, scanner and many sensors were also given in it. Similarly, we are talking about a new product Bose frame in glasses, which is not as smart as Google Glass at the moment, but its unique built-in speaker features will definitely help to make glasses smart as mobile in future.

Bose Frame Audio Sunglasses

The Bose frame is a sunglasses that come with inbuilt speakers that we can listen to open-year audio by wearing. Both of its arms have a speaker that reaches 99% of the sound to your ears and only 1% goes out, ie, like any Bluetooth earphones, what people are listening to you does not know. These sunglasses protect your eyes from sunlight by blocking 99% UAV / UVB rays.

Bose frame variants and design

The 2 variants of the Bose frame are Alto and Rondo, which comes with alto classic angular shape and great design, while it has 2 sizes S/M global fit and M/L, with lens width 51 mm and two lenses in S/M. The distance between 16 mm and the total length of the glasses is 155 mm. In the M/L size, the width of the lens is 52 mm and the distance between the two lenses is 18 mm and the total length of the glasses is 162 mm.

Talking about the Rondo variant, it comes in a rounded round shape, which comes in only one size S / M, with the lens width 49.5 mm and the distance between the two lenses being 15.5 mm and the total length of the glasses 154 mm. Both variants of the Bose frames are made of ultra-modern material and have glass shatter and scratch resistance so that they do not scratch easily and both of its arms have pointy speakers at the back. Towards the bottom, 2 microphones have been given to call and give instructions to Google Assistance or Siri.

It has a proprietary Pogo style charging pin on the inside in the right frame, which comes with a magnetic Type-C cable and a small multifunction button is given on the bottom side of it, for power on/off, call accept/reject, access to voice assistance and play music. Both variants of the Bose frame weigh 45 grams.


The Bose frame speaker has a very clear and good quality sound, while the variable-length dipole system has been used, which prevents the voice of the speaker from moving around so that its sound is only heard by the wearer. This Sunglass comes with IPX2 water resistance rating which is not deteriorated by sweat and light water drops.

These frames come with motion sensors and Bluetooth connectivity to connect to mobile, with which you can listen to your mobile songs, podcasts, audiobooks as well as make calls. Bose has created Bose Connect App for this device. With which you can settings of this sunglasses, volume control and download the software updates.

Battery life

The Bose frame battery gives 3.5 hours of playback talk time and 12 hours of standby talk time once it is full, while it takes 2 hours to fully charge.

Bose Frame Color Variants

The alto variant of the Bose frame comes in Polarized Mirror Silver and Gradient Blue colour and Rondo variant come in Polarize Mirror Rose Gold and Gradient Blue colour.

Bose Frame Audio Sunglasses Specifications

Company: Bose
Model: Alto and Rondo
Size: Alto-Classic Angular, Rondo-Distinct Round Shape
UV protection: 99%
Weight: 45g
Sensor: Motion Sensor
Connectivity: Bluetooth
Bluetooth range: 9 m (30 ft)
App: Bose Connect App
Battery backup: 3.5 hours talk time
Colour variants: alto-variant polarize mirror silver and gradient blue and Rondo-variant polarize mirror rose gold and gradient blue
Dimension: Alto S / M Global Fit Frame - 51 mm — 16 mm — 155 mm (width of the lens - the distance between two lenses - length of glasses)
Alto M / L Frame - 52 mm — 18 mm — 162 mm
Rondo Smaller fit-49.5 mm - 15.5 mm - 154 mm



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