Accurate family location via Google map

How to track the exact location of your loved once and...

You cannot see his location without anyone's permission and if you do it then it is wrong. But there are some situations in which...
Find lost smartphone

Find your lost smartphone with the help of a Google account...

People care about their smartphones a lot, but still people sometimes make mistakes and they do not get them due to forgetting, getting lost,...
Why Cookies Consent Banners Come In Website?

Why do cookie content banners appear when we open a website?

Whenever you visit a new website, a popup of cookie content appears on many of the websites in which there is an option to...
Doesn't video clear in high resolution recording?

Why high-speed memory card required in high-resolution video recording?

Often you have seen your friends happy at some point that the 32GB memory card you bought for ₹ 650, they got the same...
How much will the bill be if I keep the charger switch on for the whole month?

Is a charger really consume electricity without charging the mobile?

पढ़े: हिंदी में We have often heard that if the charger is not used, always turn off its switch and save electricity, but you know...
is satellite See the time of the clock tied to our wrist from space

How much clear image can a satellite take from space?

पढ़े: हिंदी में Do you know that there are about 2700 working satellites in our Earth's orbit now and this number is constantly increasing, when...
Quality of print version of videos

Movie print version HDTS HDTC BDScr WebDL HDRip etc quality explain

पढ़े: हिंदी में We often see names like BDRip, HDRip, Web-DL, HDTs, HDCam while downloading videos from Torrent or Pirated Movies website and are confused...

how to speed up your laptop or computer instantly

पढ़े: हिंदी में When we bring a new laptop or computer, it runs very smooth and fast, but over time its speed starts decreasing and...

Awareness of electronic gadgets

it also has some evil and due to excessive use of gadgets and their increasing influence in our life many problems are also being faced

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