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Ballie Rolling Robot Samsung new personal assistant robot – Design and...

पढ़े: हिंदी में During the CES 2020, the South Korean company Samsung introduced a unique robot which is an artificial intelligence device in the shape...

N95 mask features- Is it effective against coronavirus?

N-95 mask is used as protective to prevent humans being from particle contamination and prevents the infected particle to enter into the human respiratory system.

Samsung neon artificial intelligence-based virtual humanoid – a human-like robot

Neon Artificial Intelligent based virtual humanoid is a computationally designed virtual core that works on core R3 proprietary technology

New technology of water recycle Hydraloop water recycling- Key features and...

Hydraloop water is a smart home solution that works on an eco-living system that saves electricity along with water.and it has not used any filter

Ultra mini hydroelectric power generator that uses renewal energy resource

पढ़े: हिंदी में Majority of people uses conventional energy resources like coal-generated electricity or petroleum product that available in limited quantity on our earth and...

Why RFID protected Walled or Case required for your atm/debit/credit card?

पढ़े: हिंदी में For ease of payment and wireless identification of people, books or assets, RFID tags or chips used and it contains information that...

Huawei most powerful AI chipset Ascent 910 with AI computing framework...

पढ़े: हिंदी में Huwai launch Ascent 910 in Ascent-Max chipsets series and clams that its a 'World's most powerful AI processor' with an all-scenario AI...

Intel 10th generation ice lake processors- Features

पढ़े: हिंदी में Intel Launch its 10 generation processor  'Ice Lake' into 10nm architecture with significant boost power-saving and improved integrated device and also offers...

Tech Mahindra Al- पावर्ड ह्यूमन रिसोर्स ह्यूमनॉइड

K2 अत्याधुनिक आर्टिफिशियल इंटेलिजेंस Al टेक्नोलोजी के लिए फायदेमंद है और यह वेक -अप कमांड की आवश्यकता के लिए बिना बातचीत शुरू करता है

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