Charmin Toilet Rollbot Toilet Paper Deliver Robot – Design & Features

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In this era of technology, every day new technology is being developed which is making our lifestyle advance and meeting our personal needs, so our lifestyle has fallen from technology, however, today we will give you such an interesting gadget About which will solve common problems during your daily routine.

If you are in a toilet seat and you know that your toilet paper is gone, then a robot has recently been created to help you in such a situation that will deliver the toilet paper to you.

Charmin Toilet Rollbot Robot

America's toilet paper manufacturing company Charmin has introduced a unique robot at CES 2020 that will deliver toilet paper to you as well as inform you of the exact position of going to the toilet room.

Charmin Toilet Rollbot Design

Talking about the design of the Charmin toilet rollbot, it is a circular body and cartoon-like robot, so the company has named it RollBot, while the company has designed the face of this robot like a beer face that looks like a cute teddy bear. The head of this beer face rollbot is made flat on which toilet paper can be set comfortably.

no copyright infringement is intended

The Charmin toilet rollbot is a self-balancing robot with two wheels, while the infrared sensor is used in this rollbot with the help of which the robot recognizes the user and reaches the user.
The Charmin toilet rollbot has also used Smell Sense Technology, an electronic monitoring sensor system that detects carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide in the air.

Charmin Toilet Rollbot Features

Talking about the features of Charmin toilet rollbot, this self-balancing rollbot delivers toilet paper to you, while it also detects the smelts of your toilet room and also gives you the command not to go to the toilet.

The Charmin toilet rollbot has a display that shows the notifications of the Smell Sense while the Smile Monitoring Sensor used in the Charmin toilet rollbot detects the smiles in the toilet room and it gives you the command like "No" and "Good to go" to the toilet room and which is a great feature.

You can use the Charmin toilet rollbot by connecting it to your smartphone, while you can operate this rollbot by installing the app on your smartphone and you can also connect it to your smartphone with the help of Bluetooth.

At present, the company has not given any information about the launch date and price of the Charmin toilet rollbot.


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