Decorate your home with 3D illusion LED lamp and impress your guest

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The 3D illusion lamp looks very cool and has a good choice for decoration purpose. Anyone inter your house they surely look to your 3D illusion lamp. This types of 3d illusion lamp have plain lighting but it creates a 3D effect. This type of 3D led lights available in so many shape and design and occupy a very small size in your home because of its compact size.

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How 3D light illution works

It has a very simple design a 2D acrylic panel put inside to led light base then see the 3d illusion effect.

A 3D illusion lamp made from an acrylic or glass plate that has a light source at its edge will keep that light inside the plate until the light comes to scratch in the plate or to another edge. At the scratch, some of the light will shine out of the plate.

The LED lamp itself doesn’t produce too much light, rather it works better when you have dimmed lights and its light have not had glare and safe for your eyes so you use also in your bedroom. This types of 3D led lamp work with a rechargeable battery and you can charge the battery through USB cable. This LED light comes with different changeable colours and There are different designs of the acrylic and bases to choose from.

Some famous 3D acrylic is- Elephant, Alien face, Star streak battleship, R2-D2 robot, Abstract 3D, Pickachu, Iron Man, Sailing Ships, Earth and Heart etc.

3d Illusion lamp price between ₹249 to 1399₹ and it is available on all popular shopping website like Amazon and Flipkart.



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