Dell concept Alienware UFO pocket gaming PC – Nintendo switch like portable gaming console that twist into tablets

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In 2017 Nintendo launches its hybrid gaming console Nintendo switch that can be used as a home console and portable device and this 6.2 inches screen device and its light version sold more than 52 million units worldwide. But it has limited games that specially made for this particular device.

In CES 2020 dell introduce similar to this concept Alienware concept UFO with big 8-inch screen and its main advantage is you can play all window PC games on this device. This is a concept device and in this event, dell shows its prototype.

Dell concept Alienware UFO features

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This is an 8-inch tablet that running windows 10  and you can slide two paddle-like controllers onto the side and it becomes like Nintendo switch or PSP like device. There are other key features is it can be attached to an external monitor and you can use the UFO as a small desktop.

Alienware UFO comes with RGB lighting and On the rear a kickstand which to place it this device on a table. This device surely comes with Intel 10th generation Core processor but more details not revelled about its exact specification.

This device capable of play high-end window PC games and comes with intel 10th gen processor from this we can guess that this device has come with solid specifications and graphics, Right now there is no information about the price and launch date of this device but we can guess its price will be more than the price of Nintendo Switch ($299 ).


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