Eachine EV800DM 40CH 5.8G Varifocal FPV Diversity Goggle DVR – Full Specification and Price

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We have often seen and used VR (virtual reality) in games, entertainment world (TV and movies) which is quite different from the original reality VR is an artificial environment designed through software. What looks completely real, in the true sense, it works on a computer technology that we feel through two ways- visual and sound and that gives us real feel.

Today we are giving you information about a gadget which is like a VR but it does not work on the concept of virtual reality, rather it is original and real reality. While with the help of this gadget we can use drone technology properly.

Eachine EV 800 DM 40CH 5.8G Varifocal FPV Diversity Goggle DVR

UK's in-corporate private limited company Eachine is one of the most famous companies for its quadcopters, FPV equipment and racer drone manufacturing and the company has introduced its new gadget Eachine EV800DM which has been equipped with very good features. Eachine EV800DM is a head-mounted display that is used like goggles, while the gadget is designed specifically for the OSD player and has a 3 inch Super LCD HD DVR display. The FPV offers a great experience for racing, while it has a 2000 mAh battery.

Eachine EV 800 DM Design


Talking about the design of Eachine EV 800 DM, it weighs only 320 grams and dimension is 150 x 170 x 80 mm and its body is made of plastic material and it is very light and portable and it is soft cooling and sweat proof as well. It has three types of the adjustable belt that you can set according to your comfort and it also has 2 types of antenna for best performance, in which the first is the Clover and the second is the panel antenna which supports Linear and Omni Eyesites.

Eachine EV 800DM has been introduced by the company in the new model and it has designed the glass frame in a very good way giving the goggle a great op to set it near the nose. It fits on your face very easily and feels like a normal VR. While its glass frame size is 140 x 40 mm and it has a 3-inch super LCD display with a resolution of 900 x 600 pixels which gives a very clear view and also has a lens adapter on the front.


Eachine EV800 DM40CH consists of FPV (First Person View) designed for drone technology that we can use not only for our entertainment but also for security and monitoring Because this gadget is work-friendly for OSD player, with the help of this, important information can also be obtained at the time of flying.

While it has a 3-inch LCD display with a resolution of 900 x 6000 pixels and a ratio of 4: 3 and has a 600 cd / m2 brightness and also has an LCD backlight for high brightness which is only used for outdoor FPV. It also has 140/120 degree view angles and supports both horizontal and vertical views.

The Eachine EV800DM  features a built-in Super HD DVR with a resolution of 720 x 570 pixels and features replay menus with recording features and It has 90 dB Super Sensitiveness 2 PCS RX 5808 Pro Modules. For this, two types of antenna have been used, in which the first provides a linear view and the second Omni Eye Sites view, which makes its performance tremendous good.

The glass frame size of Eachine EV 800 DM is 140 x 40 mm which covers the 20 mm focal length while its focal length can be adjusted. It is designed to be a multi-stop point which can be used for different eye sites, while you can also set it vertical and individual i.e. you can set it for normal/near/far sites and it has an Additional optical lens has been provided which gives bigger screen immersion and can also be adjusted according to different sites.


Eachine EV800DM has a built-in 2,000mAh battery that supports 3.8W charging and you can use it for 2.2 hours after a full charge.

Eachine EV800DM Specification

Brand: Eachine
Model: EV 800 DM
Weight: 320g
Dimension: 150 x 170 x 80 mm
Body material: plastic material
Belt: 3-way adjustable belt
Display Type: LCD Display
Display Size: 3 inches
Resolution: 900 x 600
Screen brightness: 600 cd/m2
Ratio: 4: 3
Views angle: 140/120 degrees
Diversity: -90 degrees supersensitivity
Antenna: 2 Antenna
Antenna Type: Clover (Linear) ,Panel (Omni)
Module: 2 PCS RX 5808 Pro
Frame Rate: 720 x 576 pixels
Lens: optical lens
Lens Rate: 3x Boost, 92% Transparent
Varifocal length: 20mm adjustable
Design: Multi-Stop Point
Type: Vertical / Individual
Glasses Fit Size: 140 x 40 mm
Battery: 2000 mAh
Charging: 3.8 watts
Working time: 2.2 hours
Wide range recharging: 5 to 18 watts
Typical recharging: 5V / 2A


The Eachine EV800DM 40CH 5.8G Varifocal FPV Diversity Goggle DVR is priced at $80 (Rs 6100).


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