Godrej front load washing machine WF EON 6010 PAEC features & Review

Godrej WF EON 6010 PAEC front load washing machine
Godrej WF EON 6010 PAEC front load washing machine

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Everyone is fond of clothes and even if not fond of them, everyone is wearing them. It is also necessary to wash them when the same clothes are dirty because dirty clothes not only look bad but also a lot of bacteria start to grow in them. Washing clothes by themselves is a lot of hard work and if we give them to wash the washer, they often soak the clothes in washing soda and wash them in the pond, etc., which reduces the life of the clothes It happens.

There is no better alternative to a washing machine for the best washing of clothes and there is no better one than a front load washing machine which not only kills the bacteria present in the clothes but also does not spoil the clothes. Often due to a low budget, people buy semi-automatic washing machines, which have to do most of the work themselves, which takes both time and effort.

We are telling you about the fully automatic front load washing machine of Godrez company, which comes with an inbuilt heater, for less than 25000 rupees. This washing machine has been given allergy protection and anti-crease technology, due to which, after washing the clothes, there is no allergy due to the soap used in it and clothes do not get tangled in it.

Godrej WF EON 6010 PAEC Front Load Washing Machine Washing Machine

Godrej, an Indian multi-industry company, is known for its best products, with a WF EON 6010 PAEC 6kg capacity front load washing machine. It has a 2100 watt heavy dual motor that rotates at speeds up to 1000 rpm. Due to fast spin, clothes dry quickly and well and safety features such as child lock and water overflow protection are provided in this washing machine.

This washing machine has 15 types of washing programs according to different clothes, you can choose the help of the dial on the front of the machine and the machine shows the time taken according to the clothes in the LED display given in it. This washing machine comes with A ++ energy saving rating and its most important thing is if you are in a hurry, then through this quick 15 mode, this machine will wash and dry clothes in just 15 minutes.

It has an inbuilt heater inside which heats the water up to 90 degrees for washing the clothes, thereby eliminating the dirt and bacteria in the clothes. Like other front load washing machines, it does not use too much water to wash and rinse clothes and use less water in the machine if there is less cloth.


Godrej WF EON 6010 PAEC front load washing machine
Godrej WF EON 6010 PAEC front load washing machine

Godrej's WF EON 6010 PAEC front load washing machine is quite attractive to look at and its rectangular design has curved front edges. In this, a circular door has been given to insert the clothes in the center of the machine, with silver color on the side and transparent plastic in the middle, so that you can see the clothes inside the machine.

The door has some part embossed on the right side, with a liver on the backside which opens the door on pressing, While stainless steel washing drum is provided inside the door. The top of the front of the washing machine has a soap tray, wash program knob, and an LED display, below which the function and start button are given.

Its soap tray comes out to pull forward, in which the soap has to be kept every time before the clothes are washed, this tray is in three parts with the largest left compartment to keep the detergent for washing, the middle compartment for liquid soap, and the small compartment on the right side is for keeping detergents for pre-wash.

In its dial knob, a total of 15 programs have been given for washing different clothes - white, heavy, cotton, cold wash, synthetic, wool, rinses, allergy protect, spin, delicates, sportswear, mix fabric, baby care, denim, and Rapid 15. In these washing modes, the shortest time is 15 minutes in Rapid 15, in which hot water is not used to wash clothes, while the maximum time takes 200 minutes in cotton mode.

In this, the filter cover has been provided in the circular at the bottom of the front itself, which has to be removed and cleaned at regular intervals of 3-4 months. On the back side of the machine, 2 pipes are provided for clean water inlet and dirty water outlet, which are 1.5 meters and 1.6 meters in length respectively and its power cable is just 1.5 meters in length.

Godrej WF EON 6010 PAEC Features

This Godrej washing machine can wash up to 6 kg of clothes at once and it weighs in dry clothes, ie this machine is suitable for a small family. While, its eco-balance feature saves up to 50% of both electricity and water, as well as its allergy protection feature provides germ-free hygienic washing.

In this washing machine, you can change the water temperature and spin speed in any wash program with the help of a dedicated function button given below the LED. You can choose the water temperature between 30 to 90 degrees Celsius and the spin speed between 400 to1000 rpm. Delay and anti-crease buttons are also provided in its function buttons, in which you can start the washing with the delay from 1 hour to 23 hours through the delay button.

Washing time with the anti-crease button increases by a few minutes (about 4 to 5 minutes) but this reduces the shrinkage of the clothes, which makes the clothes easier to press. If you feel that cloth is more sensitive to machine washing and fear of deterioration, then you can select the delicates option from its wash program, in which the machine rinses and dries the clothes at low rpm and you can lightly Detergents can be used.

This washing machine has essential features such as unbalanced load detection, foam protection, overflow protection, error detection, which not only prevents the machine from deteriorating but also prevents it from becoming too foamy if the machine becomes too soapy, and due to which water is also saved.

Godrej Washing Machine WF EON 6010 PAEC Specifications

Brand: Godrej
Model: WF EON 6010 PAEC
Type: Front Load
Capacity: 6 kg
Dimension: 84.5 x 59.7 x 49.7 cm
Motor capacity: 2100 watts
Washing Technology: Aviator
Drum Material: Stainless Steel
Heater temperature range: 30 to 90 ° C
Maximum spin speed: 1000 rpm
Power cable length: 1.5 m
Water inlet pipe length: 1.5 m
Body Color: Silver
Door Color: Chrome
Total washing programs: 15
Features: Allergy protection, Eco balance system, Foam protection, Unbalance load detection, Anti-crease, Water overflow protection, Error detection

The time taken by the Godrej WF EON 6010 PAEC washing machine in washing modes is as follows:
  1. White - 179 minutes
  2. Heavy - 164 minutes
  3. Cotton - 200 minutes
  4. Cold Wash - 96 minutes
  5. Synthetic - 110 minutes
  6. Wool - 39 minutes
  7. Rinse - 36 minutes
  8. Allergy Protect - 182 minutes
  9. Spin - 15 minutes
  10. Delicates - 90 minutes
  11. Sportswear - 80 minutes
  12. Mix Fabric - 81 minutes
  13. Baby Care - 107 minutes
  14. Denim - 60 minutes
  15. Rapid 15 - 15 minutes

Godrej is giving 10 years warranty on the motor of this washing machine and its installation is also free.


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