How digital health will revolutionize our future?

One person one medical record
One person one medical record

As of now, you must have known about two types of health care system, private health care and public health care system, but now digital health will also be common in the coming times. Since health is a very personalized matter and every individual person has different treatment according to him/her, in the future every person will be treated accurately with the help of digital health.

I am talking to you about digital health and how it will make healthcare better and how it will help in medical treatment in future.

How will digital health work?

Think if you go to the doctor and you tell him the ID of your medical history, then he will be able to see the entire medical history of you and your family on his computer and how is your daily activity, whether your heartbeat is normal or not When your body temperature is high, it will be able to see all the things.

He will know all the things that have happened to you in your medical history and what kind of medicine happened to you at that time and what kind of vaccine you got in your childhood. So it will be that with the help of this data, the doctor will catch your disease quickly and will be able to get the right treatment.

Since the medical history of any person is very important for its treatment and on the basis of this, different medicines can be made according to each individual human being, so that you will get healthy very quickly.

What is digital health?

Digital Health will provide you with personalized medicine and treatment with the help of Mobile Health, Health Information Technology, Telehealth, Telemedicine etc. by connecting your health, health care, living society etc. with digital technology.

In the future, Digital Health will work on the basis of One Person, One Health Record, in which each individual will have a separate record that will be linked to the National Health Care System and this data will also be used in clinical research so that for you The medicine can be made in an effective way.

So it happens that when your health is bad then you go to the doctor and the finished doctor does not know about your past medical records and body fluidity or immunity, so he writes a lot of tests and because of those tests According to the disease which the doctor understands, he gives you medicine.

The same drug affects every person in different ways and not all people have the same effect, this method also takes a lot of time and money.

What does one person one medical record mean

Right now we cannot even think about personalized medicine, so in the future, the adoption of digital health is being started in which a person will have a record from birth to death and will have complete data of his health.

In which, when he got vaccinated, when he became ill and what kind of medicine affected him, etc., he is not allergic to anything or whether there is any genetic disease in his family that he may have in the future, etc. Information will be in a digital record.

Under Digital Health, any hospital where you will get your treatment, that hospital will continue to enter your medical data and will update the treatment of the present patient therein. The same data will also be updated by your smartphone or worn smartwatch, and by how much you slept and how much exercise you have done, it will continue to feed you into your medical history.

All this process A.I. It will be best, due to which if there is some unusual activity in your body, such as being in constant stress, you will be monitored by detecting high pulse and you will be alert before you have a heart attack, so that If you become aware and can consult a doctor on time. Because your entire medical history will be in one place, the doctor will not take much time and according to you will start the personalized treatment.

How was the result of Digital Health Implementation Test

The introduction of digital health was seen in some places in Africa, where the child's health record was stored in one place and when the child was to be vaccinated, his parents were told by messaging and along with it Their sleep and BPM were continuously monitored through smart bands.

In case of any problem, his parents can consult the doctor through video call and get the right knowledge and the doctor can also give them the right prescription with the help of that health record. So, due to all these processes, the parents had reduced their headache and they had to reduce the clutter too, they also saved their money.

So like this, under digital health, you will be helped in exercising, getting good sleep and reducing stress etc. and a digital record will be kept of all your medical history, with the help of which personalized medicine will be made for you according to your immunity and body. According to this digital medical record, your medical treatment will also be done.


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