Get entry-level and work from home jobs with the help of the Google Kormo app

Every kind of job in Google Kormo App
Every kind of job in Google Kormo App

If you have ever done an online job search then you would know about job listing sites like, monster job, LinkedIn, indeed, but when someone is looking for basic jobs like an entry-level job like cook, delivery boy, driver, technician, machine operator, Hotel receptionist, call centre, scavenger or manual work, then he does not get any special help from these web sites.

Apart from this, the interface of these job listings sites is so complicated that it is very difficult for a person looking for an entry-level job to understand them. So Google has created its own job listing app korma for people looking for such a job.

The interface of Google Kormo is very simple, and it includes the vacancy of all the job listing sites that come up in Google's search results and a lot of fresh jobs listed in Google itself, which have been verified by Google itself.

What is Google Kormo?

Google kormo app
Google kormo app

Kormo is a Bengali word that means Karm or Karma, meaning that whatever job we do, we call it Kormo in Bengali and because of being a job listing site, Google named its app Kormo. Well, this app was first launched by Google in 2018 in our adjoining Bangladesh province of Bangladesh, which was later launched in Indonesia in 2019 and India in 2020.

This app currently allows you to search for jobs only in 12 big cities of India. But yes, maybe soon it will be popular and many cities will be added to it because Google has a lot of money and resources and continues to improve the quality and performance of its apps.

Features of Google Kormo App

Talking about the features of Google's Kormo app, it includes fresh jobs by verified employees, real-time tracking of job applications and their fast updates and easy interview scheduling and free digital resumes that you can keep with you, etc. are given.

Along with this, there are many new skill contacts for learning, including videos and articles. You can change and edit your biodata, profile, interest, language, preference etc. at any time in this app.

The best thing about Google Kormo is that people who speak local languages like Hindi, Marathi, Bangla, Gujarati, Tamil, Kannada can choose interviews and jobs in their language and can also apply for work from home jobs.


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