HybridDrive USB-C Expandable Storage Hub with 2TB Fast SSD-Specification and price

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Many connecting ports in laptops are necessary to connect to other devices and storage because all devices such as mobile memory card cameras, video players or pen drives come with different connecting ports. Nowadays, big companies like Apple and Microsoft are making their laptops more compact and stylish, giving only USB-C ports for high-speed data transfer and for other ports, people have to buy separately expandable storage hub which is quite expensive. Recently Microsoft has launched Surface Doc-2 which cost is $260 and work as a port extension and this price is too much for only this work.

If we talk about the expandable hub available in the market then HybridDrive is a good option which is a hybrid expandable storage hub. That is, it has a USB-C expandable storage hub as well as the storage capacity of up to 2 TB which acts like an SSD. Since internal storage SSDs on MacBook Pro or Surface laptops are quite expensive and cost up to about $ 600 for 2TB of extra storage, HybridDrive's expandable storage hub is very helpful which is portable and easy to carry. And it can also connect to other devices such as mobiles, video game consoles etc. and can also be used as a bootable device.

HybridDrive Expandable Storage Hub Design

HybridDrive looks like a portable video game console with a thickness of 11 mm and can be split into 2 parts, the first part of which has SSD storage and USB hub and has 1 USB-C connector to connect to the computer. It has also been provided with USB-C cable in the second part so that if the device is unable to connect to the USB-C port due to the cover in the laptop, then it can be connected to the first part with the help of this cable.

There are a total of 5 modes of ports in the Hybrid Drive Hub, which includes 1- USB-C port, 1 HDMI port, 2-USB-A port, 1-Micro-SD and 1-SD slot and all ports are designed so that they do not overheat and work up to 96% efficiency so that all its ports work together at their full power and speed.

HybridDrive Expandable Storage Hub Features

The HybridDrive uses Kingspec's Generation-2 M.2 NGFF 2242 SSD which comes with a Type-C 3.1 lighting port with data transfer and read/write speed of 450MB/s Which is equal to the internal data transfer speed of any device or laptop.

Talk about data transfer speed from its hub to 10 Mb / s from USB-C and USB-A ports, can transfer data at speeds of 200Mb / s from SD / microSD slot and It can stream 4K 60Hz video from its HDMI-port. Its USB-C port is also capable of delivering power output up to 100W. Also, all the ports of this expandable storage hub are designed in such a way that it saves the battery of the connected device from being overused and helps in saving the power of the device.

HybridDrive Specifications

Dimension: 121 x 50 x 11 mm
Material: Plastic and Aluminum
Integrated Storage: NGFF M.2 SATA SSD
Ports: 4K @ 60Hz HDR HDMI, USB-C data (USB 3.1 Gen 2, 10Gb/s) and Power Delivery (max 100W), micro SD (UHS-II 200MB/s), SD (UHS-II 200MB/s) , 2x USB-A data (USB 3.1 Gen 2, 10Gb/s)
DC / DC efficiency: up to 96%
Weight: 58 grams
Colour: Jet Black, Silver and Space Gray

HybridDrive Price

HybridDrive has been introduced in 4 SSD storage variants with a discount of up to 50% off on preorder 128GB storage priced at ₹ 6,027 (approx. $ 69) and 512GB storage priced at ₹ 7,563 (approx. $ 89) and 1 TB storage. The price is ₹ 11,369 (about $ 139) and 2 TB storage is ₹ 17,485 (about $ 219) and you can buy it from indiegogo.com.


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