How the Internet of Things (iot) is going to make our future awesome

Our future is going to be so awesome
Our future is going to be so awesome

The Internet has connected all the people of the world, so through this, we can send many information files, photos and videos to other people sitting at home and can also do live conversions with them through video calls.

But the internet which was till now only for humans, now in future it will also be connected to our things and will improve our lifestyle further. We are talking about the Internet of Things (iot) and because of this how our future is going great.

How did the internet change our lives

It has been almost 26 years since the Internet came to our country and because of this our lifestyle communication and business has improved a lot, there are some bad effects like social media addition or over entertainment, but we all Except, we have become very smart due to the Internet and with the help of this, we can control some of our home appliances which are connected to the Internet.

I am talking about IoT ie Internet of Things in which many devices in your home will observe the situation itself and do the act of recording the situation and take your permission in those situations where it is a matter of your choice.

What does the Internet of Things (iot) do?

Suppose you have gone outside the house and you have forgotten to lock your house and at the same time forget to turn off the geyser, AC, light, TV etc. in the house, then your house itself will sens it that in your house No one is there and will turn everything off on its own and send notifications to your smartphone.


Whenever you need it, you will turn everything on again from the smartphone and will be able to open the lock of the house from your smartphone.

Now we come to another scenario in which if you are at home and you fall asleep watching TV, then your house will understand with the help of a smart band or camera worn by you and turn off the TV and the unnecessary lights glowing in the house Will also be closed. The temperature of your room will also be maintained according to you, due to which you will not have to reduce or increase the temperature of the AC after getting up from sleep.

Life Saving Benefits of the Internet of Things (iot)

Talk about life-saving benefits of iot, then suppose it is 3:00 in the night and your health is suddenly deteriorating and meanwhile, you have a heart attack and iot in your house, then your wearing smart band / Smart Watch, or with the help of any other sensor, your house will detect the unusual activity happening in your heartbeat and body and send all these details to the nearby hospital.

Along with this, with the help of iot, your home will alert the hospital on its own and will also send the news to your well-wishers, so that the hospitalists will send an ambulance to your home without delaying and it can save your life.

The same technology will be implemented in all the things in your house such as smart band, camera, etc. And if a thief enters your house or your car is accidentally hit or there is a fire in your house, then this device Being connected to iot, we will send the news to the police station, fire brigade, ambulance etc. and all these things will be connected to the server room of the area which will keep an eye on the unusual activity happening in the area.

Future of iot

iot technology has now started to grow and it is also very easy to implement, just all devices and home appliances will have an electronic chip and some sensors, with the help of which these devices will share the information and share the information with the rest of the equipment at home and will take action according to that situation.

By the way, many devices have been started implementing this smart technology such as smart refrigerators or air conditioners, and they themselves inform the company when there is leakage or shortage of gas in the compressor or upon the requirement of servicing and by which you are contacted for servicing the customer care of that company.

For this, you just have to connect these devices to your home WiFi and also connect to your smartphone, by which it diagnoses the problem by itself and tells you and you can control them from your mobile as well.

Due to the same internet-of-things, you will also have control over the rest of the house such as inverters, geysers, lights, fans etc. and all these things will work on your single gesture or voice. Because of this, our future is going to be very amazing and all these things will not be less than any superpower. These things will probably be very common in the coming 10-12 years.


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