Megapixel or pixel size, which is necessary for a good image?

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Do you know that the Hubble telescope in our earth's orbit is just 16 megapixels and while our eyes are 576 megapixels, In-spite of this telescope can see 100 million times clearer than our eyes. So let's overcome this confusion, we will talk about megapixels and whether it is necessary to have a more megapixel camera for a clear image, then let us know about it.

What is a pixel?

Pixels which are the smallest element of an image, such a lot of pictures together form an image and the more pixels in an image, the more clear the image is and the more zoom you can see in the image Will not tear

The pixel in an image is made up of 3 sub-pixels with RGB colour that produce the colour for the image in that pixel.

What is the function of pixels in the camera?

If we talk about the pixels in the camera then it is the smallest unit of the camera sensor that captures the light for the image and in this way, 1 million camera pixels together make 1 megapixel.

The larger each pixel of the camera, the more light it will absorb and the more exposure it gets, the more clear each pixel of the photo will be.

Does having more megapixels make the image better?

Now we talk about whether the image gets better due to having more megapixels, so yes, the more pixels in an image, the more detail will be there, but with this, the size of the pixel of the camera is a role. That is, if the site of the pixel is small, then its sensor will lose less light and the noise in the picture will increase and its dynamic range will be reduced.

There will be less light and the noise in the picture will increase and its going range will be reduced. For this reason, pictures of 16-megapixel or 20-megapixel DSLR cameras look better than the picture of today's smartphone's 108-megapixel camera because the sensors of each pixel of their camera are quite large.

Difference in size of sensor of DSLR and smartphone cameras

So where the pixel size of a DSLR camera is around 408 micrometres, ie microns, the pixels of a good smartphone are between 0.8 microns to 1.5 microns on average, which means that they are 5 to 6 times the size of a DSLR camera. Due to their area, they are small, due to which they reach about 16 times less light.

Talking about the same Hubble telescope, the size of each of its pixels is close to 26 microns, due to which the exposure of light in its sensor is very high, due to which it takes a much better picture.

Now we understand this in such a way that if we want to get a full-size samosa for ₹ 5 and we want two samosas, then we do not take two samosas of the same size and buy two samosas at the same price of half the size, so It is the same thing that as much as one sensor absorbs light, the same light will absorb two small pixel sensors so that the number of megapixels of the camera will increase but there will be no significant difference in the quality of its picture.

What is the reason behind having good picture quality even when the cameras of iPhone and Google Pixel smartphones are less megapixels?

Due to the large pixel size of the cameras of the iPhone and Google Pixel smartphones, if they take a good picture even when they are less megapixels than the rest of the smartphone, then the big pixel size is also a reason behind it. Because where the pixel size of the camera of the Samsung Sayomi OnePlus phone is 8 microns, the pixels of the iPhone and Google Pixel smartphones are 1.4 microns.

In the same, they use dual-pixel technology i.e. each of their pixels has two photodiodes that capture the light from a different angle i.e. the 12-megapixel camera of these smartphones from the 48-megapixel camera of other company's smartphone Are equal.

Is only big pixel size necessary for a good photo?

In addition to a large megapixel camera with a large pixel size for a good photo, the camera's aperture depends on its shutter speed and the quality of the sensor as well as its processor. That is, the better the quality of the sensor and the faster the processor, the sooner it will click the picture and the light will make the picture of the processor better.

That is, the 48-megapixel camera sensor of the same company will produce a better image and take better pictures in the Snapdragon 800 series smartphone than the Snapdragon 600 series smartphone.


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