Mi Robot Vacuum Mop-P Xiaomi’s Robotic Cleaner with Two-in-One Technology – Specification and Price

Mi Robot Vacuum Mop-P (no copyright infringement is intended)

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In order to keep the house clean and beautiful, people do regular cleanliness, while this work is also a part of people's daily routine, it takes too much time with excessive labour to keep the house clean and clean To solve this, many high-tech companies have introduced their robotic cleaners in the market.

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi recently introduced the Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop-P robotic cleaner, although the company had already launched it in the Chinese market, while it has also been recently launched in the Indian market. The cleaner is quite different from other vacuum cleaners as well as a very advanced and smart multifunctional vacuum cleaner Whom company has developed with two in one technology.

Xiaomi's Mi Robot Vacuum Mop-P robotic cleaner uses smart technology such as navigation with a laser detection system and features both sweeping and mopping functions, while it comes with 12 high-precision sensors and remote control support Which is operated through the Mi Home app.

Mi Robot Vacuum Mop - P Robotic Cleaner Features

Mi Robot Vacuum Mop-P (no copyright infringement is intended)

Talking about the feature of Mi Robot Vacuum Mop-P Robotic Cleaner, it has both sweeping and mopping functions. The company has introduced it with two in one technology, which can also sweep your house with a broom. The vacuum cleaner in use cleans the dusty soil by pulling it in like air but this vacuum cleaner also does mopping with sweeping.

The Mi Robot Vacuum Mop-P robotic cleaner uses a Japanese brushless motor with 2,100 pA section power capacity and has a laser detection and navigation system that works with intelligent mapping and route planning, and this robotics 12 high precision sensors have been used in the cleaner, which helps in falling, colliding, and dock searching. Doors This robot can scan an area of ​​up to 8 meters and it can collect the data with the speed of 2,016 per second.

The Mi Robot Vacuum Mop-P robotic cleaner uses a 1.2 GHz Cortex A7 processor along with a Mali 5400 GPU for the graphics while it consumes a maximum airflow of 0.67 meters per minute as well as 2,100 power pressure.

The Mi Robot Vacuum Mop-P is an electronic water tank on top of the robotic cleaner with 3 gears and includes disassembly modes and the water tank works on intelligent water dispensing technology while also having a 550ml dust bag. And it also has vacuum cleaning, suction and wipes and mopping modes.

MI Robot Vacuum Mop - P Specification

Brand - Xiaomi
Model- MI Robot Vacuum Mop- P
Type- robotic cleaner
Function- Mopping and Swapping, Section and Wipe
Processor - 1.2 GHz Cortex A7 Processor
GPU - Mali 5400
Motor - Brushless Motor
Airflow - 0.67 m / min
Power Pressure - 2100 pA
App- Mi Home Map
Sampling Rate - 2,016
Features- Remote control, real-time mapping, schedule cleaning, spot cleaning
Technology- Laser Detection System, Navigation
Gears - 3 Gears
Dust Bag Capacity - 550ml
Battery - 3200 mAh
Charging Time - 60 to 130 minutes
Power Rate - 33 W
Connectivity - Wi-Fi 802.11
Noise- 70dB
Weight - 3.6 kg
Dimension - 350X 94.5mm

Mi Robot Vacuum Mop-P Robotic Cleaner is used through the Mi Home app. By installing the Mi Home app on your smartphone, you can operate this robotic cleaner and in this app remote control, real-time mapping, Features like this spot cleaning along with schedule cleaning are given, while this robotic cleaner through laser detection sensor and navigation through this app it navigate the mapping of your home and location while the app you to add the house room by giving them different numbers or names can divide them and there you can also set up a virtual wall.

The Mi Robot Vacuum Mop-P Robotic Cleaner has a 3,200 mAh battery that provides a battery life of one to one and a half hours on a full charge, while using automatic recharge and resume technology, and the Mi Robot Vacuum Mop -P robotic cleaner connects to automatic charging point upon discharge, while Wi-Fi support is provided for connectivity. Land and the robotic hand cleaner noise up to 70 dB in standby mode and weighs 3.6 kilograms.

The company had priced the Mi Robot Vacuum Mop-P robotic cleaner at Rs 29,999, although Xiaomi has introduced it in the Indian market for ₹ 17,999, while you can also buy it at a no-cost EMI of 2,999 per month.


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