Microsoft Surface Dock 2 and USB C Travel Hub – Full Specification and Price

Microsoft Surface Dock 2 and USB C Travel Hub (no copyright infringement is intended)

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The Microsoft company has launched the latest Surface Series Surface Book 3 laptop and Surface Go 2 tablet as well as the amazing Surface Doc 2 in Surface accessories as well as USB C Trouble Hub. Which is very good surface accessories, we have given detailed information about Surface Book 3 laptop and Surface Go 2 tablet in our previous articles.

The company's new Surface Dock 2 is a great docking station, while the USB C Trouble Hub is a standalone charging device that you can use to connect with your PC as well as to connect or charge other devices in both accessories. The most special features are that both support multi-connectivity. Although the Surface Dock 2 docking station has more components than a USB C travel hub, it is also more expensive than a USB-c travel hub.

Surface dock 2 Design

Microsoft surface dock 2

Talking about the design of the Surface Dock 2, it is designed to look like the previous Surface Dock of the company, however this time the length of the Surface Dock 2 cable is longer than the previous Surface Dock which is quite comfortable.

At the same time, it has 9 components with two front-facing and the remaining 7 port on the back panel of the Surface Dock. It has 2 front-facing USB C port for USB and two rear-facing USB A port with 2 rear-facing USB C (Generation 2) port. And there is also an Ethernet port and input/output audio jack and near the Ethernet port, a power adapter port has also been provided for power supply and Kensington lock has also been given in it.

Surface dock 2 Features

The Surface Dock 2 only works with the Surface computer because its cable connects to the Surface Connect port The Surface Link cable is 80 cm in length and the Surface Link power is 120 watts. And the Surface Dock 2 includes 9 ports, two front-facing USB C ports with a 15-watt fast charging power supply for phones and accessories, while it is designed to improve IT management.

The Surface Dock 2 can be connected to two displays simultaneously while it supports dual 4K resolution with a speed of 60hz along with support for a gigabyte Ethernet port with 199 watts of power output and USB-A and USB-C 3.2 (Generation 2) 15 Watt Fast Charging Power Supply with 7.5 Watt Power Output. While USB load power is 60 watts and the USB bit rate is 10 Gbps.

Surface dock 2 specification

Brand: Microsoft
Model: Surface Dock 2
Connecting ports: 9 ports
USB A: 2 Rear Facing USB 3.2 Generation 2
Power Output: 7.5 W
USB C: 2 Front Facing USB 3.2 Generation 2
Power output: 15 watts
Input / output audio: 3.5mm jack
Ethernet: 1 gigabyte
Surface Link Cable: 80 cm
Surface Link Power: 120 Watt
USB power: 60 W
USB bit rate: 10 Mbps
Monitor Support: 2X4K, 60 FPS
Servicing Support: Windows Update and MSI

Microsoft USB C Travel Hub Design

Microsoft USB C Travel Hub

Talk about the design of USB-c trouble hub, it comes in a rectangular compact size and has 5 connectivity ports including 1 HDMI 2.0 port, Ethernet port, VGA port USB 3.2 (Generation 2) port and USB with USB C port Cable storage is also provided.

USB-C Travel Hub Features

The capacity of your PC can be increased with the Microsoft Surface USB C Travel Hub. It is designed for professional workers who do a lot of work for their work. With the help of an adapter, you can connect your PC as well as other devices. You can also connect at the same time it has five connecting ports, including HDMI 2.0 port, Ethernet port, VGA port, USB 3.2 port and USB-C ports are provided.

With the help of HDMI 2.0 port, you can connect other displays. HDMI connection supports 3846 X2160 resolution at 60 Hz.
With the same Internet port, you can connect your PC to a wired network and use fast speed with this wired network connection. It has a speed of 1000mbps, supports booting from lane and PXC, while it also supports lane s4 / s5 in sleep mode with standby mode.

The external display is also connected via a VGA port. The VGA connection supports a maximum resolution of 1920 X 1080 at 60Hz while at the same time you cannot use VGA or HDMI if your computer has a VGA cable and HDMI cable. Connected to your monitor and hub, you can only use the HDMI port.

USB-C Travel Hub Specification

Brand: Microsoft
Model: USB C Trouble Hub
Connecting port: 5 ports
HDMI port: 60hz
Resolution: 3840 X 2160
VGA port: 60hz
Resolution: 1920X1080
Ethernet: 1000mbps full duplicate speed
USB C Port: 1 USB C3.2 Generation 2
Power Output: 5V / 3A (15 W)
Colour: Black Color

The maximum speed for a USB port or USB C port is limited to USB 2.0 480 Mbps, plus it can charge devices using USB-C such as USB flash drive, USB C hard drive as well as mobile phones. At the same time, the USB port does not support display or laptop charging, so you can use it to connect to the external display or to charge the PC. Cannot. If the USP seaport on your computer is 15 watts, then each USB port can output USB and USB C 15 watts power.

When the USB hub is plugged into your PC at 5V / 3A (15 watts), you can use both the USB port and USB C port at the same time. Both ports can support the USB hub while the hub on your PC Connected to 5V / 1.5A (7.5), you can use only USB ports at a time.


Microsoft's latest Surface Doc 2 is priced at $ 259.99 and the USB-c travel hub costs $ 99.99, while you can buy it online from the Amazon site.


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