Microsoft Surface Duo and Surface Neo Dual Screen book like foldable device

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Recently, Microsoft has launched its new smartphone and upcoming tablet at its Surface event, which is a great and high-tech advanced device which is becoming very popular among the people.

Although Microsoft's smartphones were based on the Windows operating system till now, due to which Microsoft's smartphones were far behind compared to other companies, this time Microsoft is offering its smartphone with Android support for the first time.

What is special about Microsoft Surface Duo smartphone

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Microsoft launched its first foldable smartphone Surface Duo which has two displays, which is the most special feature of this smartphone, while this smartphone can be rotated 360 degrees, Which can be modified like a book and can be used as a laptop.

Key specifications of Microsoft Surface Duo

The Surface Duo has two 5.6-inch displays that are thin enough to be rotated up to 360 degrees although unfolding will give an 8.3-inch display size that you can use in many ways. Both displays are connected to the hinge which is connected to the 360-degree folding hinge, by folding it you can use it as a normal mobile like a single screen.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon Octa Core 855 processor has been used in the Surface Duo and this smartphone will run on Android-based operating system.

Microsoft's Windows Store app can also be used with all Android apps in this smartphone.

The Surface Duo also has a fingerprint sensor, compass, magnetometer, proximity sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope with ambient light sensor.

There is Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB Type C for connectivity.

The Microsoft Surface Duo is a pocketable and glass body surface smartphone.

Using the Microsoft Surface Duo smartphone as a laptop
This smartphone can also be used as a laptop, except its surface is quite different from the laptop in other respects.

The laptop has a screen on one surface and a keyboard on the other side, but the Surface Duo has a screen on both sides and both screens have a 5.6-inch display. Like the laptop, it is also connected to the hinge.
If you want, you can use its second surface as a keyboard, the touch screen on the top screen and the bottom screen.

For any mobile users, this is a very high-tech advanced mobile phone, although the touch keyboard takes up more than one-third of all smartphones and it has a small screen to work, in Surface Duo you can use the entire screen. And you do not have to use a hardware keyboard to work as a laptop.

You can use it both mobile and laptop and can also use Surface Pen in Microsoft Surface Duo. Both screens can be used simultaneously in this smartphone, it will be useful for multitasking when you are making a video call on one screen and you can see WhatsApp, images on the screen of the other, while on a display you can also play games. And can also work on any other software or application on other displays. Despite having two displays, this phone is quite thin and very easily you can keep it in your pocket.

Microsoft Surface Neo Tablet

Microsoft company has also introduced its upcoming tablet Surface Neo at the Surface event, which will be introduced for sale in the market next year. Surface Neo is a great tablet but you can also use it as a laptop, it will run a new version of windows10 on windows10X.

Microsoft Surface Neo Features

The Surface Neo tablet has a 9-inch dual display and is 5.6 mm thin which is the world's thinnest LCD. It can be held like a book, there is also Gorilla Glass 5 for protection and the 300-degree hinge has been used to connect both screens. This tablet weighs 650 grams and is made of body metal and class.

The Surface Neo will run on windows10 which is specially designed for two screens, while the Surface Neo is powered by a Surface Slim Pen and Magnet Support Keyboard which is attached to the display and is automatically charged. The Surface Neo tablet uses Intel's Lakefield processor.

Currently, Microsoft will offer both of its smart devices for sale next year in 2020, so there is no information about its price yet.


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