Motiv ring such a smart ring that rules all rings- specifications and price

motiv ring
motiv ring

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You must have seen in the movies how the Green Lantern could transform an object into energy with the help of its ring and in the Lord of the Rings movie one could disappear with the help of the magic ring. This is not possible at the moment, but like your other gadgets like smartphones, smartwatches and smart glasses, your ring is also going to be smart.

In the Lord of the Rings movie, Mr Frodo had never been able to sleep soundly after wear that magical ring, but we are telling you about a motivational ring that you can not only sleep comfortably by wearing In fact, with the help of inbuilt REM cycle, nocturnal movement features, you can also know your sleeping habit and time.

Motiv Smart Ring
America's tech company Motiv has introduced such a smart ring in the market that is not only good to look at but is light in weight and has a lot of features. The purpose of making this ring is that instead of a smartwatch or smart band for fitness tracking, a small device that always stays with us and we can sleep easily by wearing it.


motiv ring
motiv ring

The Motiv ring is made of matte titanium metal and is look fantastic in appearance and stong. This ring comes in a completely circular shape with a very thin black bar at the top which has a display for LED notification light, it glows when the LED ring battery is low or connected to the mobile.

It has a heart rate sensor at the back with a charging point that monitors the heart rate 24*7 continuously. For charging, it has a magnetic USB charging dongle that looks like a pen drive, which attaches to this ring and you can charge it by plugging it into your laptop or power bank. According to the company, do not charge it with a direct USB hub.

Motiv Ring Features
The Motiv Fitness ring connects to your mobile via Bluetooth and has a 3-axis accelerometer and optical heart rate sensor. With the help of this, it detects the exact sleep timing. With this, how long have you been active, how long your heart has been normal, It also tells the type of activity you have done, its intensity as well as how many calories you have spent.

In addition to telling your step distance, this ring also supports fitness apps like Apple Health, Alexa, Google Fit and also has 3 days of onboard memory so that it saves your fitness data of 3 days in itself. As soon as Ring's mobile is connected to Bluetooth, it automatically transfers data by connecting to your smartphone. In this, the data is synchronized automatically from your mobile and if you have to do this manually, you have to rotate the ring in your fingerlet a few times and it will be synchronized.

Motiv Smart Fitness Ring comes in 3 colour silver, rose gold and black colour and has 7 sizes which you can choose according to your choice. It also has features like Find My Phone, Social Sharing and Inner Circle Sharing. Talking about the security, it has been given 2-step verification (2FA), With the help of which you can unlock your device or You can increase the payment time security. This ring is also waterproof and can operate in deep water up to 125 feet.

Battery backup
The Motiv ring has a lithium-ion battery that is fully charged in 90 minutes and lasts for 3 days with continuous heart rate monitoring.

Motiv Ring Specification

Size: 7 sizes (6 to 12 numbers)
Sensor: 3-axis accelerometer and optical heart rate sensor
Connectivity: Bluetooth
Battery: Lithium-ion Battery
Battery backup: 3 days
Charger Dock: USB-Magnetic
Lifestyle Features: Find My Phone, Social Share, Inner Circle Share
Online Security Features: 2-Step Verification (2FA)
Compatibility: Android 6.0 or above iOS 9.0
Work with: Apple Health, Alexa, Google Fit
Waterproof: up to 175 feet
Colour: Silver, Rose Gold and Black Color

Motiv Ring Price in India
The shipment of the Motiv ring is not available in India right now but it is priced at $ 199 (approx. Rs. 15,000) in other countries such as Japan, USA, Europe, Australia, UAE.


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