Redmi Airdots S Xiaomi’s Wireless Earbuds- Features & Price

Redmi AirDots S (no copyright infringement is intended)

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Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi's sub-brand company Redmi has recently introduced its latest wireless earbuds Redmi Airdots S which is an upgrade version of Redmi Airdots although the company has introduced the Redmi Airdots S in advance and the cheapest price. At such a cheap price, the company has provided very good features, which is like a great offer for the year birds users.

Talking about the design of the Redmi Airdots S wireless earbuds, it looks similar to the Redmi Airdots and the company has designed it like the Redmi Airdots, although the wireless earbuds are quite different from each other even though the design is similar. Redmi Airdots S has been introduced with great features.

Redmi Airdots s features

Talking about the Redmi Airdots S features, the RealTek RTL 8763 BFR Bluetooth chip has been used in the Redmi Airdots S which provides much better data transmission than the Redmi Airdots as well as advanced features like voice assistant support and environment noise reduction.

Redmi AirDots S (no copyright infringement is intended)

The Redmi Airdots S can also be used as a single earbud, while to connect it to your smartphone one has to first connect the left ear birds and then with the help of left earbuds the light earbuds are connected to you only. Left earbuds can be used as single earbuds by connecting to your smartphone which will act as a smart Bluetooth.

The Redmi Airdots S uses a dynamic driver of 7.2 mm which improves the audio performance even further, while it also has mono modes and stereo modes that you can use during video streaming. It will be very useful for you to play audio while playing music or while streaming video You can also choose the option.

The Redmi Airdots S also offers advanced features such as fast pairing and touch gestures with low latency mode, while the low latency feature is provided specifically for gaming with the help of low latency mode with audio delay time reduction in smartphone earbuds. Transmits sound smooth and using touch gestures allows you to have music, calls and voice assistant as well as smart noise reduction. Control can as well as the connectivity is used Bluetooth 5.0 chip.

Battery features

Talking about the battery features, these earbuds can be used for up to 4 hours after a single full charge, while the Redmi Airdots S has a backup of up to 12 hours with earbuds case.

The Redmi Airdots S comes with ipx4 rating, it is ipx4 water-resistant, while it is very light. The wireless earbuds weigh just 4.1 grams so it is also quite comfortable.


Xiaomi's Redmi Airdots S Wireless earbuds are priced at approx ₹ 1900.


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