Strack posture corrector wearable device -Specification and price

Strack posture corrector device
Strack posture corrector device

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A person is born in the right posture from birth and his waist is straight, but many people often bow down to everyday tasks when they grow up, Which remains comfortable for some time but later it causes many more problems with back pain. Often, people sit in a chair or lean forward while reading or working, or do not sit in the right position or posture, which increases the tension on their spine and later people start complaining of back pain.

The straightforward and good posture enhances the personality of any person and makes the person productive. Because the problem starts to increase in the body due to the wrong posture and then there is no mind in the work, so it reduces the productivity of the human being. That is why we should always sit or stand in a straight posture and people make a good impression on you. Therefore, we are telling you about a device that will always help you stay in the right posture and you can wear it easily while working or you can also put on clothes.

Strack posture correcting device

Indian company Dipitr has designed the posture correction device Strack which is equipped with Artificial Intelligent (AI) technology and takes care of 360-degree posture. This device alerts you by vibrating when you sit or bend incorrectly and also sends alerts to your mobile, with the help of which you can improve your posture instantly.

This device is very small to see and runs from the battery and easily clings to the back of your neck with the help of a bandage. The same also comes with a magnet, with the help of which you can attach it below the collar of the shirt.

Strack Design

Strack looks like the wireless key of a car whose dimensions are just 47 × 31 × 9 mm which is made of bio-compatible high-grade polycarbonate material which is skin-friendly. Its front side has an embossed logo and a button below, which is used to turn the device on / off, connect or turn off the vibration.

It also has an LED indicator light on the front side, which glows when the device is connected to the mobile. A micro-USB port has been provided for charging on its lower side. There are 2 ways to use it. Firstly, with the help of an adhesive (adhesive bandage), you can stick it on the skin on your back and second it is given 2 small magnets with one magnet to be applied on the device and the other magnet applied to The other side of the shirt or t-shirt. In both of these ways, the grip of the device is very good and does not fall easily.

Strack features

Strack connects to your smartphone with the help of Bluetooth and after wearing it, you have to sit and calibrate to the same position. Once calibrated, if you bend for a while or sit in the wrong posture, this device starts vibrating and reminds you to sit upright. The vibration of this device is very smooth and because of this, you will not be surprised suddenly.

Streak keeps track of your posture and synchronizes with your mobile with the help of my strack app to see your movements such as how long you sat, when and how many times you bowed, how many times you adopted wrong posture or how much you walked and you can improve your habits accordingly. You can also close the vibration of the stroke with the help of the button or app provided in it and after that, it will continue to track your position and posture.

With the help of My Streak app, you can set your personal goals, then you can also choose the 30-day training mode given in it. My Streak App alerts you while sitting in one position and this app is available on both Android and iOS mobile platforms, while this device battery lasts 2 to 3 days on a full charge.

Strack specification

Company: Dipitr
Product Name: Streak
Dimension: 47 × 31 × 9mm
Connectivity: Bluetooth
App: My Streak
Sensor: Gyroscope
Activity Track: Posture, Sleep, Step Count, Tilt, Straight Post Time
Charging port: Micro USB
Battery: Lithium-Ion
Battery backup: 2 to 3 days
Method of use: Adhesive or Magnet
Colour: Milky White
Weight: 15g



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