Ultra mini hydroelectric power generator that uses renewal energy resource

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Majority of people uses conventional energy resources like coal-generated electricity or petroleum product that available in limited quantity on our earth and one day they definitely will end.

We need serious invention to overcome this issue and find the way uses the renewal energy source like solar radiation, water flow, wind energy that continuously available and their source are never end. We already started uses this renewal energy source but their efficiency is very low and their energy conversion rate also small.

The limitation of these energy uses is they are not continuously available like Sunlight not available in rainy or winter session or wind speed always not high, So we should always keep that option and second backup source ready for continuous energy supply. We talk about the mini hydroelectric generator that uses the flow of water for electric generation and If you leaving the remote area where the natural flow of water present this is the best device for fulfilling your energy needs.

How ultra small water power generator works ?

It is a simple design hydroelectric generator that has a turbine which rotates when water flows through its blade and their shaft connected to a generator that produces electricity because of the rotation of their shaft.

Ultra-small water power generator put upward axis into the water flow to create water velocity to move its screw-type turbine blade that shaft coupled with a generator that produces electricity.

Where to use:

This type of ultrasmall power generator used where the natural flow of water present like a waterfall, Canal, aqueduct, fosse available nearby and you can put this hydroelectric generator into running water and you can use its produce electricity for street light, battery charging and use when you need or light the bulb or run the other electrical equipment and power to your home.

Some countries already use mini hydroelectric generator by making aqueducts for natural water to glowing street lights and so many possibilities of uses of this type of hydroelectric generator for daily power needs.

This type of energy is clean and uses renewable energy and also have environment-friendly, Even though it's initial cost high but they continue to provide electricity without any extra cost for a very long time.

In view of today's increasing pollution and decreasing coal and petroleum products storage, we should pay attention to neat and clean energy resources and encouragement to such types of products for meeting our power needs in the future. 


    • This micro hydraulic power unit for electricity generator is developed under United Nations Industrial Development Organizations investment and technology Technology promotion office, Tokyo
      Their contact person is Mr Masaya Sumino and his email is: [email protected]


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