Vizio’s new sound bar Vizio Elevate Sound Bar – specification and price

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American electronic gadget maker company Vizio is a very popular company for its television, soundbar, speakers and smart cast tablet and remote etc. The company offers its product to the people with the best product design and advanced features at a low price. Over the years the company has been ranking for the best home theatre audio soundbars.

Recently, the Vizio company has listed its new premium and mid-range speakers and soundbars. The company's M-series and V-series soundbars have been lined up and rebounded for 4K television, while the company has the new soundbar has introduced the Vizio Elevate Sound Bar as a premium soundbar designed perfect for the new OLEDs TV and is powered by Dolby Atmos and DTA C: X has been introduced with support, while the addition of woofer and 2 satellite speakers have also been introduced.

Vizio elevate soundbar design
The body of the Vizio elevate soundbar is made of aluminium material plastic, while the company introduced it in black colour, it offers a very premium look and is a 48-inch long horizontal plane with two speaker pods on the left and right and front. Dolby Atmos and DTX have sound sets.

The Vizio Elevate Sound Bar Horizontal Plain Mountain is designed and can be set by placing it on a plane or table under the TV. The rubber grip on it sets it quite comfortable.
The Vizo Elevate Sound Bar has 18 channels of 5.1.4 and a total of 18 drivers which gives 5.1 studio output.

Vizio Elevate Sound Bar Features

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Vizio is preparing to introduce its new Advanced Vizio Elevate Sound Bar with the best features in the market. Talking about the most special features of Vizio Elevate Sound Bar, the rotating speakers of this soundbar which is quite unique, as well as Dolby Atmos supports.

The Vizio Elevate Sound Bar has a total of 18 drivers along with an 8-inch wireless subwoofer and 2 wireless surround speakers, while the left and right speakers are rotated for better audio play, providing a great audio output.

The Vizio Elevate Sound Bar comes with a 3D surround sound effect that takes audio output to a different level. By connecting this soundbar to your OLED Smart TV, you can experience cinema halls at home like Dolby Atmos and DTS: X Surround Sound provides virtual effects that give the feel of a 3D show.

There is also HDMI 2.1 support with EARC in the Vizio Elevate soundbar, while the company has also provided the features of Google Assistant and Alexa support in Vizio Elevate with voice assistant capability, which is available only in the premium soundbar.

remote control
There is no need to use a separate remote to control the Vizio Elevate soundbar. You can control it from the remote of your TV, while this soundbar can decode Dolby Atmos and DTS X and it is Bluetooth 5.0 and Chromecast audio and in the Vizio Mid Range is also introduced as well as M-Series 5.1 and V-Series 5.1.2


Brand - Vizio
Model - Video Elevate Sound Bar
Type- Rotating Sound Bar
Material - aluminium, plastic material
Size - 48 inches
Surround Sound Capability - 10 Channels, 5.1.4
Sound output - 107 dB
Drivers - 18 Drivers
Woofer- 2 nos.
Speakers - 2 Satellite Speakers
Woofer size - 8-inch subwoofer
Connectivity - Bluetooth 5.0, HDMI 2.1, and E ARC support

Vizio Elevate 5.1.4 Channel Sound Bar price is $ 999.


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