What is a paper phone and how does it reduce the habit of looking at the screen of our smartphone?

    Paper Phone
    Paper Phone

    We can not stop ourselves from looking at the screen of the smartphone again and again and nowadays smartphones have become very important too. Because whether we have to make online payments or see the calendar, weather or location on the map or play a game, for all this we have to use our smartphone.

    But if I say that this paper phone can do many things with your smartphone, and due to this the time of using your smartphone can be reduced, So this is definitely an interesting thing.

    What is a paper phone?

    Google has started an experiment project named Paper Phone to reduce the habit of increasing smartphone of people. Which is an open-source project and is available on Github.

    Normal users can download the Paper Phone app from the Google Play Store on their smartphones and with the help of this, print out things like many apps, tasks, weather, contacts, maps and paper games of their need and fold them and keep them in their pockets.

    If needed, you can do your work with the help of that foldable paper i.e. paper phone. Right now there are a total of 9 features under it, out of which some features are currently in the developing phase but in the future, it will be improved a lot and many more useful tasks will be added to it.

    Why is the paper phone so useful?

    Nowadays many people have started realizing that they have started spending too much time on the smartphone, due to which their health and life are getting affected. So those people who want to take a little break from the smartphone or want to reduce the time spent in the smartphone, then the paper phone app of such people is very useful.

    This app is a small experiment whose purpose is to reduce the ill effects of technology a little. Through this app you can take printout of some important things and if necessary you can take help of that paper instead of smartphone.

    Similarly, if you control the use of social media or chatting, you are really strict by reducing smartphone use, after which you will only use your smartphone for essential things like calls or emails.

    How to use paper phone?

    Paper phone app in playstore
    Paper phone app in playstore

    To use Paper Phone, you have to first go to the Google Play Store and download the Paper Phone app on your smartphone. After which you will have to sign up in the app with your Google account.

    Paper phone app home
    Paper phone app home

    As soon as you connect to your Google account, the dashboard of the app will open in which you will see a total of 9 options which are as follows:

    1. Map: In this, you can select the map of your current location or where you want to go from where you want to.

    2. Contacts: In this, you can select up to 7 contact numbers from your contact list for print.

    3. Calendar: Selecting this option will print Birthday, Family or Business Events and National Holidays saved in your Google Account under the Calendar heading on your paper phone.

    4. Weather: In this option, you can print the weather condition of your present location or where you are going by editing it.

    5. Tasks: If you have any task saved in your Google account then it will be printed on selecting this option and if you don't have any task in your Google account then you will get blank space under the Task heading in the print of paper phone In which you can write any new task with the help of a pen.

    6. Notes: Under this option, some free space will be available under the Notes heading in your paper phone, in which you can write any notes with the help of a pen.

    7. Photos: Under this option, you can choose and print a photo from your smartphone's gallery on your paper phone.

    8. Contactless: This is a new feature which is going to be launched soon in India in which you can generate payment token through Google Pay and print it on paper and scan it in the shop.

    9. Paper Apps: A total of 13 paper apps/games are provided under this which you can print any one of these for entertainment in free time, these paper apps have conversion chart, knots, Italian phrasebook, sign language, multiplication Table, Recipe, Origami Pigeon, Sudoku, Maze, Word of the Day, Anagram, Riddle and Typography.

    After selecting the option of your choice from these options, click on the print below, after which you will get the option of Print from Phone and Create PDF, from which you can print your paper phone by selecting the option according to your convenience.

    Paper phone app printout
    Paper phone app printout

    You will see the final printout like this which you can fold according to the instructions given in the app

    So in this way you can prepare your paper phone and by using it, you can reduce the screen time of looking at your smartphone.


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