Xiaomi VH F09 Protable USB Neckband Fan or Electric Air Cooler‌- Features and Price

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In the era of modern technology, we are getting introduced to new and amazing technologies every day and every technology is being developed to make the lifestyle of people even more simple and convenient. Today everything is user friendly and this time is not according to the machine but to make the machine according to itself, today we are introducing you to a gadget or product that sounds as interesting as listening, and you will get a great experience using it.

You must have heard about or perhaps used wearable ACs, although we have given information about Sony company's Reno Pocket AC in the previous article of our website. For the time being, we are talking about one such wearable or hanging neck fan, Xiaomi Yupin's VH F09 portable USB neckband fan which is a small cooling fan or air cooler that you can wear on your neck, while the company has also designed it very cool or stylish, Using which you can not only get rid of heat, but it will also make your personality cool.

Xiaomi VH F09 Protable USB Neckband Fan or Electric Air Cooler

This electric hanging neckband fan has been introduced in the market under the Yupine brand of the Xiaomi company, which is a hanging neck or handholding portable cooling fan or small air cooler using hidden air duct and Fibonacci wind channel technology. There is a built-in rechargeable battery so that this fan can be used for up to 5 hours.

Xiaomi VH F09 Neckband Fan Design

Talking about the design of the Xiaomi VH F09 portable USB neckband fan, the company has designed it quite well and the company has designed the neckband fan in the shape of earphones or headphones. You can wear it in your neck just like earphones or headphones and It weighs only 192 grams and dimensions 299 x 218 x 25 mm.

Its body is made of ABS material and it is designed to be curved, which is very easily set on your neck, while the company has also made a very strong built-in which can not break easily when it falls. The Xiaomi VH F09 portable USB neckband fan or electric air cooler can also be rotated circularly and can be used in two angles ‌ and its right hanger right shoulder has a key button and bumps button, that is designed to be a multifunction button that allows the fan to be operated on / off as well.

On the top of the bump button, an LED indicator is also provided which indicates the battery and below the button is given a Universe Micro USB interface or port which we can charge it through USB cable. This neckband fan has been introduced in three colour pink, green, dark green options.


Talking about the features of Xiaomi VH F09‌, it is a neckband fan or electric cooling fan or air cooler portable fan, which is called neck hanging and hand-holding air cooler. Moving it from one place to another is as easy as using it like a multi cinerea application that you can use for workouts, sports and outdoors.

The Xiaomi Neckband Fan uses a brushed copper core motor which consumes power while operating with energy-saving and gives excellent performance for a very long time, while the noise reduction technology is also used in this brushed copper core motor. Has been done which does not make any noise at all while operating.

It has a hidden air duct design which makes the air cool by reducing heat at a very fast rate. It is designed for strong wind and turbine that converts vertical air duct to horizontal air duct as well as removes vertical air duct from right angle so cold air comes straight out of the bottom and top giving this neckband fan Can be used by rotating the angle.

The Xiaomi Neck Band Fan features a Fibonacci wind Chanel that works on Nature Harmonious pattern, also known as the Golden Section, to increase wind speed further through the air duct of the turbofan as well as noiseless. That is, even when there is a strong wind, it does not make any sound at all and it has three wind speed levels.

It is quite easy to use, wear the neckband to the neck and after wearing it, press the switch button in the right side which gives light air or low wind by one click of the button in the off state. when the button is pressed twice in the condition under shutdown, this fan runs in the natural wind or medium speed and when pressed three times, this fan provides strong wind, while there are 3 gear positions in this fan.


The VH F09 portable USB neckband fan or electric air cooler from Xiaomi device has a built-in lithium battery that provides up to 2 hours of battery backup on first gear and 3 hours in second gear and 5 hours in third gear.

Xiaomi VH F09 Neckband Fan Specification

Brand: Xiaomi
Sub Brand: Xiaomi Yupin
Model: VH F 09
Dimension: 229 x 218 x 25mm
Material: ABS Material
Button Design: Bump Design
Function: Multi-Function
Indicator: LED Indicator
Battery Type: Lithium Battery
Charging Type: Micro USB Interface
Input: 5A = 1A Maximum
Technology: Fibonacci Wind Channel Technology
Wind speed: 3 levels
Power Source: USB Charging
Battery backup: 2 to 5 hours
Weight: 192g
Colour Options: Pink Color / Green Color / Dark Green


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